I have no good title for this post.


Today I’m going to type up four more chapters of my book (maybe more if I feel like it) and that will leave me with only a few, which means I will be done with all this awful copying on, like, Monday or something like that. *dances*

I must say, one of the best feelings ever is knowing that you’re almost done with such a big project as this. It’s relieving, almost, but mostly just exciting knowing that I’m nearly at one of the biggest current goals I have. On the other hand, I’m also glad that a sequel is planned…I couldn’t be away from these characters ever again. They’ve just become so…close? I’m not really sure how to say it…I guess I just mean that it would be absolutely dreadful to have anything more to write about them with. Although, they’re my imagination, so it’s not like they’re ever going to go away, even if I want them to =P

After this weekend, when I’m done, that means that I get to start revision on all 110 chapters and the introduction. As large of a project as that is, I’m very excited. After I’m finished with that, I can see if I have to merge books 1 and 2 for a decently long book. Currently, without revision, the length is pretty good, so I’m beginning to doubt that I will. We shall see…

I also get to finish the first piece of concept art for a race from my book, if I can get her face to look right. Eyes are so difficult to make look right…not to mention her muzzle.

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Talk to you soon,



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