Again, I apologize for the ridiculously long break…even with it written on the to-do list, I somehow managed to forget it, or simply ignore it. Sorry D=

Earlier this week, I was quite busy, and then later in the week, I apparently ate something that has given me a perpetual stomach ache for about two days now xD Fun…right?

Anyway, even though it’s still like over 2 months away, I can’t WAIT for Marvel’s The Avengers to come out…it looks sooooooo cooooooool!!!!!! =D =D =D I’ve been looking for good superhero pictures to draw to stall my excitement, and, even though it isn’t exactly working, I am ending up with some cool pictures ^^ I’ve found some neat superhero tutorials, and I finished a few of them, and plan to be doing the rest later. Unfortunately, my internet’s so bad right now it won’t let me upload photos, but I’ll do a post later when I can and show you all of them =)

Now, for the main point of this post!

A little while ago, I went to the small comic store that’s about 15 minutes’ drive away, browsing for some more superhero things to add to either my bookcase or my nerd shelf on top of my dresser, and came away with not only a super awesome Ironman poster, but an absolutely amazingly cute little Captain America plushie as well. I was very tempted to buy the Ironman one instead, but, Cap being my favorite superhero ever, got him instead.

He’s made by “Funko”, who I had never heard of before, and is one out of a total of 6 Marvel plushies. They also make DC ones, but, since I’m not a huge fan of DC, I’m not sure who they are.

Now you can have a superhero with you wherever you go!

Captain America is almost 8 inches tall and his colors are quite bright irl. The little wings on the sides of his head are made of a hardened felt, and his shield is also made of felt, just a bit softer.

His boots and gloves are made of a smoother fabric than the rest of him, which is slightly fuzzy. His belt buckle isn’t as shiny as the one in that picture (or at least mine isn’t) instead being of a gray felt. The “A” on his helmet, star on his chest, stripes on his stomach, and white line and circle on his shield are all smooth, and I’m not exactly sure what they’re made out of.

After a week of having him, he seems to have held up very well so far. Now, I’m not being extremely rough on him, but he isn’t living in the bedroom of the worlds most gentle person either. My only complaint is the shield. It’s sewn onto his hand with a few threads, and is a bit loose. I think it might just be mine as well, because it almost looks like a thread got accidentally cut/snapped before or after I purchased him…I’m not exactly sure. However, this issue could be easily fixed with a sewing needle and some red thread, so, no big deal =D

I would highly recommend this Captain America to anyone who is a Marvel fan. He’s awesome ^^ I got mine for about 12$ at the comic store, and I believe that Target had some for somewhere around that price (like 10 or 15 I think…I’ll have to check next time I’m there) and Amazon sells them for 15. The other Marvel characters that Funko makes are also very cute, and I would happily get another, since I’m thoroughly pleased with the Cuddly Captain ^^ They come as Hulk, Ironman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Thor, along with some DC varieties such as Batman and Superman.

Talk to you soon!


P.S. If you have time, listen to Strength of a Thousand Man by Two Steps from Hell…it’s a very epic song ^^ it’s like the type of epic music they use in fantasy battle movies =P


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  1. Arudrob says:

    So you are a Marvel memorabilia reviewer now, Cool!

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