Geekproof: Chapter Two

Chapter Two


          The next morning, Mike awoke surprisingly early, and amazingly full of energy. As he went to prepare his breakfast before work, he found a note on the kitchen table. Picking it up, he saw it was in Leo’s neat handwriting.


Heather and I have a ticket to Dj Twitch’s concert tonight. It’s at six o’clock exactly, so it won’t interfere with work.

We would like for you to come, so I’ll talk to you when you get home to see if you want to.


          Mike’s heart leapt in excitement. Dj Twitch was his favorite techno artist, and he had been hunting for tickets to one of his concerts for years. Setting the note back on the table, he picked up his jacket and keys, literally leaping out of the front door and dancing to work.

The work day went quickly and easily, with the spare moments being spent daydreaming about that night. At closing time, Mike rushed through the end-of-the-day processes and hurried home. As he reached the apartment, Leo opened the door, looking expectantly down at him.

“You coming tonight?” He asked, zipping up his neon-yellow and black hoodie.

“Of course! Are we picking up Heather or is she meeting us there?” Mike replied, pushing past Leo into the apartment to look for his own hoodie.

“She’s meeting us there. She’s bringing a friend along too.” Leo answered, tying the laces to his shoes and standing up. Mike emerged from his bedroom, pulling on a beanie and walking to the door, opening it. Leo brushed past him, jogging down the hallway to the elevator.

“Who’s she bringing?” Mike inquired as he followed him, panting.

“Just a friend of her’s. She’s a nice girl; you’ll like her.” Leo replied vaguely, pressing the button to call up the elevator.

“Hm.” Mike mumbled, forgetting his curiosity and instead focusing on his excitement over Dj Twitch.

They reached the warehouse-like building shortly before six and hurried inside. The inside was packed with people, and bright, glowing sticks, necklaces, and bracelets contradicted the dark shadows, creating a slightly painful lighting. Mike grinned broadly, following Leo on a twisting path through the crowd. Cheering and loud shouting filled the air as Dj Twitch stepped onto the stage. He was a skinny man that was slightly below average height, with a ponytail so short it curled under, nearly forming a loop. He wore a baggy jacket with his tribal-looking rat face symbol on both the front and back and dark jeans. Holding up both hands and waving to the crowd, he walked over to the stand holding his synthesizer equipment. The music began, and the crowd started dancing. Mike danced with them, keeping an eye out for Heather and her mysterious friend. Leo stood beside Mike, also watching for her.

“I’m going to go get a drink. I’ll be back in a minute!” He shouted to Mike, who nodded in acknowledgement. As Mike danced, he pushed his elbow back quickly. He felt it connect with someone, and they fell with a grunt behind him. Turning around, he gasped with horror. The girl who worked at the comic store across the street stood there, holding her nose, eyes squeezed shut.

“Sorry! Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!!” He apologized around the hands he had over his mouth. She nodded, waving him away with one hand. Turning, Mike dashed away. He charged through a doorway leading to the bathrooms, entering a two-way hall. From the other side, he saw another person come in. Mike staggered helplessly, struggling to stop, but His momentum made it far too difficult, and he continued running. The two met with a smash in front of the bathroom doors, collapsing to the floor with a loud thump. Groaning, Mike pushed himself into a sitting position, climbing to his feet, and then rubbing his throbbing rear. Opening his eyes, he saw the girl he had just elbowed in the face struggling to her feet as well. As their eyes met, he saw the panic he felt flash across her face.

“Sorry!” She said quickly, and they both dashed embarrassedly into the bathrooms. Leaning on the counter, Mike stared at his reflection in the mirror, running his hands through his hair and worrying. He had probably hurt the girl he loved twice in one night, most likely ruining his chances of being with her. Or at least that was the way he saw it.

Moments earlier, Leo had gone looking for Mike. As he entered the hallway leading to the bathrooms, he saw him ram into Alexandra, and both of them struggle to their feet and dash into the bathrooms. Groaning, Leo turned around, reentering the room Dj Twitch was playing in and searching for Heather to help him rescue Alex and Mike from the bathrooms, and get them to talk to each other.



I apologize for it being so late in the day this week =( Regardless of numerous reminders today, I still managed to forget. However, it IS still before midnight on Friday to me, so it isn’t actually late =P Huzzah!

Next week you will get to see Heather, don’t worry!

See you next week, and I hope you enjoyed it,

Talk to you soon,


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