Geekproof: Chapter Three

Chapter Three


          Leo burst into the bathroom a few moments later, determined to get Mike to talk to Alex. Mike was pacing back and forth, nervously running his hands through his hair with a worried look on his face.

“Mike! What’re you doin’ in here, huh?!” Leo asked loudly, and Mike stopped pacing, looking at him hopelessly.

“I’ve ruined it! She’ll never talk to me now!” He said, obviously worried.

“What do you mean? You ran into her in the hallway! I did that to Heather, and look at us now…we’re fine!” Leo protested.

“The reason we were both in the hallway was because I elbowed her in the face. It was an accident, but still…” Mike explained. Leo laughed quietly, shaking his head.

“Listen. If she really does like you, it won’t matter. Accidents happen, man!” He said, smiling encouragingly at Mike.

“I suppose you’re right. It’s worth a try, right?” Mike asked.

“That’s right. Let’s go out in the hall…Heather’s getting her out too.”

“Wait…Heather? You mean you know her?”
“Yeah. Alex and Heather have known each other since, like, high school or something.” Leo nodded, pushing open the heavy door. Mike followed him out into the hallway reluctantly, still unsure that Alex would talk to him.

“So the friend Heather was bringing was Alex?” He asked, and Leo nodded.

“So you two set this up so we might meet?”

“That’s right. Let’s just wait here for them.” Leo said, leaning against the wall.


Alexandra peered into the mirror, inspecting her nose carefully.

“I still think it’s messed up.” She said, leaning back and folding her arms over her chest.

“Just go talk to him, Alex! You’re pretty still. And it isn’t crooked.” Heather replied. She was a thin girl of slightly below average height, with straight, long, braided black hair. Her dark skin was smooth and very well cared-for, and her makeup was absolutely pristine. She looked at Alex with a well-trained eye for a moment before stepping up and straightening her dark red hair for her.

“There. Perfect.” Heather said decidedly. Alex smiled at her.

“Thanks. I didn’t know you knew Mike…he seems like a nice guy. Just a bit lacking in carefulness.” She said, running a hand through her hair and messing up what Heather had just done.

“He is. Now come on…Leo and I are taking you two out to dinner to relax after your rather…special meeting.” Heather said, opening the door. The two girls went out into the hall, where Mike and Leo were waiting.

“H-hi…Alex. I’m sorry I hit you. Are you ok?” Mike asked, addressing his shoes instead of her.

“I’m fine. Are you ok after crashing into each other in the hall?” Alex laughed, and Mike nodded.

“Come on, you two. Let’s go to dinner and wind down after this evening. Leo and I know of the perfect place.” Heather suggested, taking Leo’s hand and leading him down the hall. Alex and Mike followed them, with Mike staring down at his shoes shyly and not saying a word.


They reached the Italian restaurant quickly, sitting at a little, round table with a red tablecloth over it. Heather left to the bathroom, and Leo stood up from the table too. As Alex was browsing the menu, Leo walked past Mike, pressing several folded 20 dollar bills into his hand as he did.

“Talk to her. It’s worth it. Have a good night, ok?” He whispered, walking away. Heather stood by the door, looking over her shoulder at them. As Leo took her hand and led her out, she smiled encouragingly at Mike, who was staring after them with his mouth hanging open. Looking back to Alex, he gulped nervously. This could turn out to be a very awkward evening.



I am SOO sorry this is like 2 days late =( Friday when I got home, I was tired and really didn’t want to write, and then yesterday it just kept slipping my mind =\ If it’s ever going to be late again, I’m going to do my best to let you guys know about it and not forget.

I hope you enjoyed it despite its lateness! Next week, things will start getting a bit more exciting.

I’m really enjoying writing this for you guys!

Talk to you soon,



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