Geekproof: Chapter Five

Chapter Five

          The next evening, Mike sat on the couch, waiting for Alex to arrive. He wore a suit that was a bit small, but fit all right, and an English drivers’ cap. At four o’ clock precisely, the doorbell rang.

“Good luck, Mike!” Leo called from one of the back bedrooms, and Mike rose from the couch, nervously opening the door.

“Thanks. See you later!” He called back, pulling the door open. Alex stood on the other side, wearing a simple black and red dress. Her hair was off to the side and braided, and she had sunglasses propped up on her head.

“Hey, you. Ready to go?” She asked, and Mike nodded shyly, following her out into the hall. She led him down the elevator and out into the parking lot to a small, neon green car. Climbing inside, she started it, and, once Mike got inside, pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.

“Okay, so, I should probably fill you in on my parents…” Alex sighed. Mike looked at her inquisitively, straightening his hat.

“Um. All right.” He shrugged.

“Not many people know this, but I come from a really rich family. I haven’t moved out yet because I can’t afford to get my own place right now. My parents don’t approve of my geekiness, and make every point to tell me. I want to leave, but the comic store doesn’t pay enough.” Alex began.

“Wait…they don’t like you being a geek, and you’re bringing me, who works at a gaming store?” Mike asked. Alex smiled, snorting quietly.

“Yeah. Great idea, right?” She asked, smirking, “Just don’t mention where you work unless you’re asked. And if they DO ask, say you’re like…I don’t know, a doctor? You fix old games…you could be called a game doctor, right?” She suggested. Mike leaned back in the seat, frowning slightly.

“Hopefully they just won’t ask.” He sighed.

“Hopefully. Anyway, they wanted me to become something ‘distinguished’…” Alex continued, slight disdain in her voice, “Well, mostly my mom. My dad got slightly bothered by me working at an old comic place, but he didn’t entirely mind. He didn’t really pick a side on the whole thing.” Alex shrugged.

“You said the dinner was for your little sister?” Mike asked, and she nodded.

“Yep. Her name’s Erica, and she’s planning to be either a surgeon or a teacher. They seem to support her more than me; You know, better life choices.” Alex smirked. Mike nodded, but didn’t say anything. Alex was quiet for a moment, staring blankly out of the windshield as they waited for a traffic light to turn green.

“What’s the occasion for the dinner?” Mike finally asked.

“Erica’s 19th birthday.” Alex replied, and they fell silent again. They drove for a while, and Mike noticed the buildings slowly turning into fancy homes with gated driveways. Alex pulled into the driveway of a large, white house with balconies, ornate doors, and perfectly manicured and landscaped front yard. Climbing out of the car, Alex beckoned for Mike to get out and come too. Swallowing nervously and hoping he wouldn’t mess things up, he got out of the car, following her up the driveway to the massive front doors.



There’s number 5! 6 will be posted tomorrow evening or later tonight (depending on when I finish it). I intended to finish both this evening, but my family held a garage sale all day, so I didn’t have much time after dinner. Mostly because I was really tired, but at least I got one out! ^^

Talk to you tomorrow (Probably twice) I should be posting Chapter 6, along with a general updates post =)

Talk to you soon,




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