Geekproof: Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven


          Dinner went surprisingly well, with all the other guests speaking and covering up for Mike’s nervous silence. Afterwards, while the guests were dispersing, Patrick pulled him aside into the den again. Alex hurried after him, hoping to distract her father with something else.

“So, you say you’re a brain surgeon?” Patrick asked, tilting his head slightly to the side.

“Uhh…” Mike rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, “Yeah.”

“Hmm. What’s it like?” Patrick inquired, sitting down in a comfortable reading chair by the bookshelves.

“It’s…um…hard work.” Mike replied, nodding knowingly. Patrick smiled with interest, and Mike involuntarily swallowed nervously.

“Really? I would love to hear more!” He said, leaning forward in his chair.

“Dad, don’t you think you should be saying goodbye to the guests? They’re all leaving now.” Alex said, trying to keep the panicky tone out of her voice.

“Nonsense. Your mother is handling it beautifully.” Patrick said, dismissing her suggestion with a wave of his hand. Alex looked up at Mike apologetically.

“So, how often do you have to perform surgery?” Patrick inquired.

“Uuuuuhhhh…pretty often. You’d be surprised how many people come in for a…uh…” Mike looked around for inspiration, “Cranioectomy.” He nodded, satisfied. Patrick was silent for a moment, frowning in thought. Looking up quickly, he stared at Mike with a look of absolute confusion.

“Cranioectomy?! That’s removal of the head!” He exclaimed. Mike smiled nervously, and Alex laughed a horribly fake, forced laugh.

“Yep. That’s Mike…always joking!” She giggled. Mike nodded in agreement, slowly backing towards the door.

“I should be going now…I have an…appointment early tomorrow!” He lied. Smiling cheesily, he gave a double thumbs-up sign before turning and dashing out. Alex followed him out to the car, which he plopped into thankfully.

“Well, that was awful.” She said, starting the car.

“Why’d I have to say brain surgeon?! I know NOTHING about brain surgery.” Mike groaned, burying his head in his hands.

“Why did you have to say that?” Alex asked, backing out of the driveway and pulling away from the house.

“Hopefully I can learn at least enough to coast me through some conversation before next time I meet your dad.” Mike sighed, looking out the window at the streetlights flashing past.


A short while later, they were back at Mike’s apartment, standing in the doorway.

“Well, I better get back…I need to patch things up with my dad. I’ll just say you were nervous or something. It won’t be TOO bad.” Alex shrugged. Mike sighed, looking down at his shoes.

“Sorry I kind of screwed up.” He mumbled. Alex snorted.

“It’s fine…they think I’m a big messup anyway, so it’s not like you can do anything.” She said, smiling momentarily.

“Would you…” Mike cleared his throat, looking up at her nervously, “Would you go out to dinner with me tomorrow night? Just you and me…kind of to make up for the past two times?” He asked, quickly averting his eyes shyly back to his shoes. Alex was quiet for a moment, considering his proposal.

“Sure. Third times the charm, right?” She finally said. Mike’s heart leapt, and he looked up, smiling.

“Tomorrow at five? I’ll come pick you up this time.” He asked. She nodded.

“Sound’s good to me. Well, I’m going to go home and clean up. Talk to you tomorrow night.” Alex said, turning and walking down the hall. Mike stepped inside, closing the door behind him.



REMEMBER! No Geekproof this Friday (That’s this chapter!) but I will resume (normal?) schedule on the first Friday in June! Yay! I really need to make a better story outline so I can tell how many more weeks I have of it. And go get some info on Brain surgery. Why you pick such a complicated profession, Mike?!?!

I know I said I would do the update post on, like, Sunday or something. I’m so sorry D= I forgot on Sunday, Monday I remembered but I was too busy to do it, and today I was gone all day >< and then I wrote this =P

It’s really late right now, but I’ll try to write it now. If I get too tired, I’ll just save the draft and finish it tomorrow. It WILL be tonight or tomorrow. For sure! Yeah!

Talk to you soon,



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