Geekproof: Chapter Six

Chapter Six

          “Remember…you don’t work at a game store.” Alex whispered as she rung the doorbell. Mike nodded briefly just as a woman opened the door. She looked similar to Alex, but with black hair peppered with gray. She was very thin, like Alex, and had bright blue eyes instead of the green. She looked a considerable lot more serious than Alex, and also a lot older.

“Hey, Mum. This is Mike Morgan, who I was talking about.” Alex said, smiling encouragingly.

“Oh. That fellow who you met at, oh, what are they called, ‘rave party’?” The woman asked, motioning her fingers like quotation marks. An expression of annoyance flashed across Alex’s face, but she quickly smiled again.

“Yes. That’s the one.” She nodded. Her mother scrutinized Mike darkly for a moment before fakely smiling welcomingly and stepping aside to let him in.

“Well, welcome to our humble abode for the evening, Mr. Morgan. I am Elizabeth Mcbird, Alexandra’s mother.” She said, offering her hand to shake. Mike took it, shaking it firmly as he stepped inside.

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.” Mike said politely, and Elizabeth smiled briefly.

“I best go see if the dinner preparations are going well.” She said, quickly vanishing into a different room.

“That went well.” Alex sighed, leading Mike into a massive dining room. A long, oval table stretched down the center, with chairs surrounding it. A delicious-looking meal was laid out on it, still steaming, but the only person sitting there was a red-haired, green-eyed, skinny man, wearing a checkered green, black, and white vest over a pale green shirt, humming to himself while he played with a single pea on his plate.

“Hey, Dad. This is Mike.” Alex said, pointing to Mike. The man looked up, a faint, dreamy smile on his face. He shook his head rapidly for a moment, blinking a few times to replace the smile and standing up.

“Mike, you say? And who’s Mike?” He asked, putting his hands in his pockets and walking over to them.

“The guy I met a few days ago, remember?” Alex replied. Her father thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Ah, yes! Pleasure to meet you, sir. The name’s Patrick.” He said. Mike shook his hand, smiling politely.

“So, Mike…what do you do?” Patrick asked, tilting his head slightly to the side. Mike felt his heart skip a beat, and he glanced at Alex for help. She looked at him with a warning look, and he swallowed nervously.

“I’m a…uh…” Mike glanced around for inspiration, but found none, “I’m a brain surgeon.” He blurted out, immediately regretting what he said. Patrick’s eyes lit up, and he beckoned for Mike to follow him into the den.

“A brain surgeon, hm? Come, come! I’d love to hear about it!” He said, smiling. Just then, Elizabeth led a group of guests into the dining room.

“Not now, dear! It’s time to eat.” She called, sitting delicately down on a chair beside where Patrick had been seated a moment before. Alex plopped roughly down beside her mother, who looked at her disapprovingly. Mike sat down beside her, and she leaned in to whisper something to him.

“Good thing dinner was so close. What do you actually know about brain surgery?” She asked quietly. Mike shrugged.

“Nothing. I’ll have to look up some information on my phone just in case he asks after dinner.” He replied.

“Good luck. Dad usually doesn’t forget stuff like asking about information. He likes to learn things.” Alex whispered. Mike bit his lower lip. ‘Why did I have to say brain surgeon?’ He thought desperately



Yes. I forgot to post Chapter Six. I wrote an extra. Yay me. -.-

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