Geekproof: Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight


After work the next day, Mike drove up to outside Alex’s house, keeping his car behind some bushes so her family wouldn’t see what an old, scrappy machine it really was. Coming to the door, he raised his hand to knock, but it was pulled open before he could. Patrick stood on the other side, smiling.

“Ah, our brain surgeon! Perform any cranioectomies lately?” He asked teasingly, and Mike could feel his face start to turn red.

“Never mind that. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. We will have to speak about your work some time though, I’m quite interested!” Patrick said, stepping aside to let Alex out.

“Bye, Dad.” Alex said quickly, hoping to steer Patrick away from the subject.

“Goodbye, Alexandra. Have a good time.” Patrick replied, closing the door behind him.

“Sorry about that. How’re you?” Alex asked Mike.

“All right, I suppose. I heard of this new Chinese restaurant downtown. Do you want to try there?” Mike replied, leading her down the driveway to where he parked. Alex nodded, opening the car door and sliding into the seat. One Mike was inside and had started the car, she looked at him.

“You know, I’m beginning to think this career faking was a bad idea.” She said quietly.

“Nah. I’ll look up some surgical terms and stuff and it’ll be foolproof.” Mike disagreed, shaking his head.

“If you say so…” Alex said doubtfully, looking out window at the buildings flashing by.

“I always wanted to be a doctor, actually, but now my plans have changed.” Mike sighed, pulling up to a stoplight and looking at the red light thoughtfully.

“Really? I always wanted to run a comic book and gaming store. I’m thinking that it’s going to have to wait for a while longer, though.” Alex replied.

“Hmm. That’s actually what I’m kind of looking at now too.” Mike said, turning into a sidestreet and keeping an eye out for the restaurant’s neon sign.

“I’m going to have to look for a new job soon, I think. The owners of where I work are changing store policies, and I don’t really agree with it right now.” Alex said sadly. Mike pulled into a parking spot, turning off the car and unlocking it. Climbing out, they entered the restaurant.


Once dinner had finished, Mike drove Alex back to her house, walking her to the door.

“That went well. Thanks for asking me out.” Alex said, looking at her feet and smiling.

“Thank you. It was fun.” Mike agreed, not sure of what else to say.

“I suppose I’ll, uh, talk to you later then?” Alex asked, and Mike nodded.

“Yep.” He said. Alex smiled, hugging him with one arm before opening the door and stepping inside, closing it quietly. Walking back down to his car, Mike smiled. The date had gone extremely well, with very little awkward conversation. He was truly happy tonight.


Reaching his apartment, Mike opened the door softly, not wanting to awaken Leo inside. To his surprise, his friend was actually sitting on the couch, watching a movie and smiling contently. He glanced up as Mike stepped in, greeting him with a slight wave.

“So, how’d it go?” He asked, still smiling.

“Surprisingly well. What’re you so happy about?” Mike replied, hanging his hoodie on the coatrack by the door and walking to the kitchen to grab a drink.

“Heather and I finally set a date for our wedding. It’s next Saturday.” Leo replied, rising and coming over, sitting on the barstool in front of the counter.

“Really?! Congratulations!” Mike exclaimed. Leo smiled again, nodding his head in thanks.

“Thank you. It’ll take a lot of preparations, but I think we can do it. We’re looking for an apartment that we can move to that’s in the middle of both our job, along with figuring out reservations and invitations.” Leo said, but waved his hand dismissively, “But you don’t need to hear about all that boring stuff. I’d like to hear how the date went. Didn’t claim you did cranioectomies this time, did you?” He asked, laughing quietly. Mike shook his head.

“Nah. It went far better than that.” He replied, sitting on the couch and beginning to tell all about it.



I feel like Geekproof is steadily becoming crappier. I suppose this happens when your heart isn’t fully in what you’re writing. Luckily, the story doesn’t have much left on it. After that, I’ll revise it to something possibly worth reading. Bleh.

Maybe after this is over I should write something in a book genre I’m familiar with. That might help. After all, who should write a romance story when they know nothing about it?


Talk to you soon!



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