Geekproof: Chapter Nine


Usually, I have this comment at the END of the chapter, but today is different.

This story is an abomination. Were it not public, I probably wouldn’t finish it. Luckily, after 4 more chapters, it will no longer plague my blog. I apologize for thinking this was a good idea, I really do =P Since I’ve forgotten to write it for the past few weeks, all four finishing chapters will be posted this week, so this will be over before next month.

If I ever write a blog story again, it will be on something I know well. Like fantasy. And fighting stories. Yeah.

Hang in there! It’ll be over soon! =P

Talk to you soon,



Chapter Nine

          After work the next day, Mike drove to Alex’s parents’ house to deliver flowers to her. Ringing the doorbell, he held them shyly behind his back, waiting patiently for her to answer. When someone did answer, it wasn’t Alex, but instead her younger sister, Erica. She had wavy, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and was considerably taller than her sister.

“Oh hi! You’re, uh…Mike, right?” She asked, looking at Mike.

“Yeah. Is Alex here?” Mike replied. Erica shook her head, but stepped aside to let him in.

“Nope, just me. Not even Mom or Dad are home. You can leave the flowers in Alex’s room, and I’ll let her know it was from you.” She suggested. Mike nodded, looking around, lost. Erica smiled, pointing down a hallway.

“First door on the left.” She instructed. Mike went into the bedroom, setting the flowers on the nightstand. Turning around, he saw Erica in the doorway.

“So, I hear you’re a brain surgeon?” She asked. ‘Oh great. Her too.’ Mike thought, swallowing nervously.

“Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh….” he said slowly, glancing around briefly for a way out of the room, but saw none.

“What’s it like? I’m thinking about becoming one.” Erica sniffed.

“It’s, um, tough work.” Mike said, nodding.

“I would think so.” Erica said dryly, her eyes narrowing for a moment, “Do you think you could show me around the hospital some time? I’d love that.” She said, suddenly smiling again.

“Sure.” Mike said quickly, before realizing what he had just agreed to. ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Why’d you go and say that?’ He scolded himself.

“Great! Tomorrow sound good?” Erica asked, stepping out of the doorway. Mike quickly walked out, hurrying towards the front door.

“Yeah.” Mike replied, “I guess…” He added under his breath.

“See you tomorrow, then!” Erica said, shutting the door behind him. Mike stalked down to his car, grumbling to himself all the way.

“You’re getting yourself in deeper than you can get out…stupid choices!” He groaned, turning on his car and pulling away, dreading the next afternoon more every second.


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