RooView: The Saga of Rex


The Saga of Rex by Michel Gagné is a wonderful book. Everything about it is put in such a way that it appeals to young, old, and in-between. While set up like a graphic novel, with panels and pictures, The Saga of Rex is, for the most part, absolutely textless. Most textless stories I’ve read have come across as lacking something, or poorly done, but Mr. Gagné does it perfectly. The story is clear, and, simply put, doesn’t need text at all.

The art style of the book is simple and cute, without overly-done textures or drastic details. Despite this, it doesn’t look unfinished, instead looking very clean and neat. It’s colorful, but not psychedelicly bright, with strange creatures helping to add to its uniqueness. The main characters, Rex and Aven, are adorable and will capture your heart quickly after beginning to read. (There are a few panels that have blood in them, although it isn’t particularly graphic. Just a warning for those who don’t like it :] )

Rex (Left) and Aven (Right)

The story is split up into six sections, which were originally published in Flight comic anthologies, Volumes Two through Seven. Put together, they weave the tale of Rex, a simple fox. The unique story (along with the previously mentioned delivery of said story) presents a fun, entertaining read.

One of my favorite pages…not sure why :]

The only downside that I’ve found is that it seems a little short, being only about two hundred pages, which, due to the absence of text, ends up being a quick read. Since getting my copy back in April of this year, however, I have read it several times over, so, despite the shortness of it, it provides great re-readability.

Overall, I’d give The Saga of Rex a 9.5/10, taking off half a point for the shortness. I love this little book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cute, fun story. I fell in love with the fox on the cover instantly, and I’m extremely happy that I purchased it shortly after. :]

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