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Mini Ninjas is a fun game released by Eidos Interactive in September of 2009. While a few years old, it’s still entirely worth playing.


The story is fairly straightforward. An evil warlord has begun to use Fuji magic to transform helpless forest animals into dark samurai armies to follow his commands. The improper use of magic has led to disruption of nature’s balance, causing floods, earthquakes, and viscous storms to destroy the land. The old ninja master from Ninja Mountain, has sent four of his apprentices out to scout and discover what has been occurring, but none have returned. The last two ninjas he has are Hiro and Futo, the two least likely ninjas for the job. He reluctantly finishes their training, and sends them out to stop the warlord.


Sneak into Samurai castles to find a way to defeat the warlord

Naturally, you play as Hiro. As you play through the game, you find the other five ninjas, who all become playable characters. A menu is available at which you can switch which character you are currently playing. Unlike many games I’ve played, all of the ninjas are very different in their skills. I ended up using all of them at some point. Also, unlike many other games, the enemies through the game changed, so you didn’t get bored with them. The old ones would still be around, but a new mob would be added every few levels.


From left to right: Suzume, Futo, Hiro


Shun! He’s like a Hawkeye ninja wearing camouflage…what’s better than that? :]

Tora!!! He thinks he’s a tiger, and he’s also my favorite ^^

Each boss was different and unique, with special attacks and techniques for defeating them. They were actually far more difficult than I expected, though not to the point of infuriating me. It kept it different enough that it didn’t feel like the same fight over and over, which was very nice.


Hiro (right) fighting the first boss

The scenery and animations were very well done. It was a simple style, but didn’t look unfinished, instead bringing together the game in a fun way. The animations were very smooth and looked nice. None of the characters had recycled animations from any of the others, thus enhancing their special uniqueness.

The animation for crossing a rope

You visit many different zones throughout the game

A ranged samurai on top of a tower

Futo (middle, front) fighting a giant samurai

The music and sound effects were extremely fitting. Each character sounded very different, as did the other creatures you encountered. If you do get this game, make sure you sneak up on a column of marching samurai and listen to them! :]


Two uses of your special’s an arrow shield AND a boat! Nothing to do with sound…just liked the picture =P

Overall, the game was fun, cute, and entertaining. It was provided a decently long story without becoming too long and dragged out. The difficulty is easy at first, and gradually gets more difficult, with altering ones you can set overall (Easy, normal, and hard, I’m pretty sure are the only ones…there may be a fourth one). I’d give this game a 10/10 for creativity, fun-ness, and well-done animations. I highly recommend this game, and look forward to any sequels Eidos releases. If you’re unsure of if you’d like it or not, a demo is available on Steam (For PC) and X-box 360. (There’s probably demos on the other gaming platforms it’s released on, but I’m not sure, since I don’t have them =P)

Thanks for reading! :]

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**All imaged from the Mini Ninjas website! I forgot to take screenshots, like an idiot >< **


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