RooView: The Amazing Spider-Man ((Lots of Images again)


Warning: This RooView may contain spoilers. I tried very hard not to include any, but some may have slipped in (Especially if you are unaware of Spider-Man’s basic origin story)

The Amazing Spider-Man (directed by the appropriately last-named Marc Webb) stood up to its title. This reboot of the Spider-man series was originally met with some skeptical views, due to it being only ten years after Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man and only five years after the third in the series. Because I grew up with the Sam Raimi trilogy, I was one of those unsure of it, and I am extremely pleased to announce that I was pleasantly surprised by how The Amazing Spider-Man turned out.

The role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man was taken by English actor Andrew Garfield. He did a magnificent job as our beloved web-slinger. He did, in fact, follow the proper path of Spider-man, speaking more often while in the suit than our previous Spider-men have. As Peter Parker, he also did extremely well. Despite being English, he performed as a very believable American, effectively fooling some of the people I saw the movie with =P I had only seen Garfield in one other movie prior to seeing this one, although I didn’t remember, so no previous opinions of him were tainting my opinion of this performance. Overall, he created a very believable and lovable Spider-man that I look forward to seeing again.

The other characters were also well-written, and the actors worked together quite smoothly. While some complained about Gwen Stacy being Peter’s love interest as opposed to Mary Jane Watson, I liked it. Since she was his original love, it seemed only fitting to include her, and the two went together very well. After watching the movie, I can honestly say that I would take this pairing (Of both characters and actors) over our last Peter and MJ. My only complaint regarding the others goes to Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Personally, I prefer the previous actors, as they seemed to capture the audience better. When Uncle Ben died in The Amazing Spider-Man, it didn’t hold the emotion that the previous (again, the 2002 one) did. Perhaps it was due to expecting it, personal preference, or that it really didn’t. I also was expecting the famous Uncle Ben line to be said, however it didn’t. (With great power comes great responsibility.)

Now for the villain. The Lizard is my favorite Spider-Man villain, ever since I discovered him, so I was nervous about his portrayal, but there wasn’t actually anything to worry about. Rhys Ifans did a fantastic job portraying Dr. Curtis Connors, from his obsession of growing his arm back to his descent into somewhat intelligent madness when he transforms to the Lizard. The CG effects on the Lizard were beautifully flawless, with fluid movements and realistic scales. When Dr. Connors is transforming for the first time, scales forming can be seen on his neck, and they are wonderfully done. However, I do have a complaint. Dear Mr. Lizard…wherever has your face gone, good sir? Honestly…what drove the character design to give him a flat face?! I hoped that he would increase the dosage of fluid and that would finally give him his snout at the end of the movie, but, alas, it never occurred. His mouth did extend far enough that if his face did get corrected, it would be the right size, which gives me hope. But still…guh. ><

Original Lizard has a face

This Lizard has a face too…

This Lizard has a face as well!

This Lizard…doesn’t have a face?

I did like that he smelled things through his mouth like a proper reptile. That was excellent. Despite my facial complaint, I still adored Lizard.

He does have pretty eyes! :]

Spider-Man also created his webshooters, as opposed to the organic ones in Raimi’s trilogy, which was both canonical and creates the possible issue of running out of web fluid. It was an excellent correction, also helping to show Peter’s nerdy intelligence. His costume was very well done, being created by Cirque du Soleil. It looked excellent, also being in a bit darker tones of our hero’s red and blue, matching the overall feel of the film.

Another thing I was worried about were the scenes from Spider-Man’s perspective, where he was webslinging through the city, and you just saw his hands, as if you were him. They were very well done, and I personally think they were a unique addition to the movie.

Overall, I would give this movie a 9.5/10 (taking off half a point for lack of Lizard’s face…yes…it bothered me that much) and look forward to seeing it again. I’m eager to see any sequels that this crew bring, and highly recommend seeing it while it is in the theaters still. Also, remember to stay through the beginning of the credits! There is a scene a little ways in :]

Another little note of warning is that if you happen to not like spiders or lizards, there is a scene in the beginning when he first gets bitten that may be a little…overly spidery. There are also many little lizards wandering about.

What villain would you like to see in the next Amazing Spider-Man? Personally, I would love to see Carnage, Vulture, Morbius, or (my other favorite!) Rhino. Hopefully no Green Goblin though! (Amazing Spider-Man #121, anyone?)

Thanks for reading!

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