RooView: Marvel Essentials (Images!)


The Marvel Essentials line of comics is excellent for both old and new comic book fans alike. The line was first published in October of 1996, but the comics within are mostly from the Silver and Bronze Ages of comics.

Iron Man! Yay!

The Essentials are reprints of old comics, with a collection of about twenty to thirty comics all in one volume. The page number can range between 450 to 650 pages. The comics are printed in black and white, but that doesn’t take too much away from them. Overall, you can buy one Essentials volume for far cheaper than you could if you bought each issue individually, especially since said comics would probably considered very old :]

Who doesn’t love Spidey?

A wide variety of heroes are covered by the Essentials line, from the well known heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor to the lesser known ones, like Man-Thing and Moon Knight. Many heroes have several volumes of comic collections, while others have only one or two.

I have barely any idea who this is. I do want to find out though

I have even LESS idea who this is

I own volume one of Captain America, which is excellent and highly recommended. I got my brother volume two of Thor, and it seems to be the same good quality :] From what I’ve seen, you can pick up Marvel Essentials for about $14.00 to $20.00, which is pretty good for the amount of comics inside.

Highly recommended by your friendly neighborhood Roo ^^

Thor :]

Overall, I’d give Marvel Essentials a 9.5/10. The quality of paper isn’t extremely high, but it’s a small complaint that doesn’t highly effect the entirety of the book, and I would have liked a few in color, but it’s understandable that it’s in black and white. As I previously said, they’re great for any comic book fan’s collection, and an EXCELLENT starting point for brand new fans. Just pick your favorite hero, find an Essentials volume, and start reading :]  They’re really good for long car rides, as you can read a lot of comics and not worry about losing any, since it’s all in one place. They also provide a fairly long read. ^^

Thanks for reading!

Talk to you soon,


I’m now rather intrigued by Moon Knight…who IS he? o.O

All Essentials cover images are (c) Marvel Entertainment ^^


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