RooView: The Dark Knight Rises

Warning: Possible spoilers. As always, I tried to avoid them, but may have slipped. I was extra careful, but may have still had a derp moment (I don’t think there are, but /shrug)

The Dark Knight Rises was an excellent movie. It’s definitely worth a watch, its dark-themed tale forming a very fitting ending to the Dark Knight trilogy that began in 2005 with Batman Begins.

Eight years have passed since the happenings of 2008’s The Dark Knight, and Bruce Wayne hasn’t exactly been himself all that time. The plot does a good job of showing what has happened to him without loading your mind up at the start with a quite distasteful information dump. It explains what needs to be explained, both causing memories of the past two movies to return and helping first-time Batman fans understand what’s going on (I do advise watching the first two, though…they’re very good and will help anyways :] ). The plot keeps the darkened theme of the trilogy, without being overly so. It brings many unexpected twists, and has others that any Batman fan would catch early, but still bring exciting developments to the movie when they arrive. Personally, I found the beginning a bit slow, though still entertaining. Overall, the plot ended the trilogy with an enjoyable, satisfying story that leaves you with no loose ends.

The combat scenes were wonderful, my favorites being those involving Bane. The opening sequence is a beautifully filmed and acted scene, and ranks within my top five favorites of the movie.

I loved this part ^^

Christian Bale once more dons the cowl and cloak of the Dark Knight, and does a wonderful job, topping his previous performances in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. It really felt like he went deeper into Bruce Wayne’s emotions and personal struggles during the course of the movie, delivering each line and action with believable and excellent acting.

At first, I was unsure of Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman, as I am not entirely a fan of what acting I have seen her do. I can happily say that her performance at the master thief turned out very well, and she did a very good job from the start all the way to the end. Michael Caine is amazing as Alfred, of course. Alfred really should be a superhero himself. The other supporting characters were also very well acted, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the police officer John Blake turning out to be one of my other favorites.

John Blake

Bane. Was. Amazing. Massive, intimidating, and full of fighting skill, Bane stood up to his title, provided a villain that struck fear into the hearts of the citizens of Gotham, and became an instant favorite with me. Tom Hardy’s performance was perfect as the prison-born antagonist, believable in every sense of the word. While his backstory wasn’t entirely pristine comic book-wise, it was a wonderful rendition of the character. His costume was far more intimidating than his comic’s counterpart, coming with a menacing mask in the place of a black-and-white wrestler’s mask, and an armored chestpiece instead of that black, spandex….thing he wore before.

The man that broke the Bat in…spandex?

Ah, there we go! :] Much better.
(He’s a lot bigger than he looks in this picture)

I honestly prefer this Bane over any previous versions of the character. I loved him and at the end of the movie I wanted to see more. My only complaint was his voice. I preferred his muffled voice in the trailers to the finished product, since it seemed to give him a more threatening image in my opinion. I also found it very easy to understand anyways, but maybe that’s just me :] Personally, I found his pronunciation of certain words strangely similar to Deckard Cain from Diablo. This bothered me, but not enough to give any rating lower than a 9.9/10 to him ^^ Bravo, good actor, bravo.

Overall this movie is excellent and definitely worth a watch. I’d give it a 9.7/10, and I’m barely even a DC fan! =P If you enjoyed the first ones, you will love this one, and I advise getting down to the theater while it’s still there ^^ I’ll be looking forward to watching it again when it comes out on dvd :]

Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon,



**Edit** Resized a picture, and fixed a typo calling Batman Barman instead. Oops. >.>


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