RooView: The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection


The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection is an amazing set of small statues made by Marvel. The line has 200 regular issues, with several ‘Special’ editions as well. Each issue contains one figurine and an information booklet on the character.


Please note the massive “SPECIAL” on the top

Each figure is about three and a half  inches tall (about 9-10 centimeters I think), with obvious exceptions like the Hulk, Juggernaut, and other large characters. They’re surprisingly heavy for their size, and very solid. The ones I’ve seen have excellent paintjobs that are true to character, along with good details for such a small object.

Iron Man


Couldn’t find a good picture of Venom =( His face looks derpier than it should here…Sorry!

The ‘magazines’ that come with them are made out of a somewhat thick, glossy paper, so they don’t rip easily, and have bright, high-quality pictures inside. The information they provide about the characters is concise and very interesting, and would be very helpful if you didn’t know much about them.

I love this picture of Iron Man ^^

Wolverine’s is pretty cool, too

Of the three, Venom takes home the prize for best cover, however :]

I have Iron Man, Wolverine, and the special edition black Spider-man, and my brother has Venom. Most of them are excellent, and I highly recommend them, except Spider-man. Iron Man, Wolverine, and Venom all have square bases which keep them very solid and difficult to knock over, if they’re on a flat surface. Spider-man, however, is on an elaborate building corner. With him perched thusly, he’s rather easy to knock over. While he looks very nice, if you get him, be very careful! I love him anyway, though ^^

While really awesome looking, he’s a bit topheavy =(


They also come with a thick cardboard box, complete with a clear plastic inside molded to the figure. They aren’t the cheaply made packages that you throw away after purchasing an item either, and would be very useful in keeping your superheroes safe if you were moving or something of the sort.


Overall, these figures are highly recommended from me, although they come with the warning that if you get one with thinner parts (I’m looking at you, Spider-man! Your fingers seem rather delicate), you may want to set it in a place where it won’t get knocked over much. I believe there may be a DC variant of these, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Catwoman and Aquaman in the same size and style, but I may be mistaken.

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