WoW Patches and Hunger Games


I watched Hunger Games last night for the first time, and I enjoyed it, actually ^^ I’ll probably be writing a review on it in a day or two, to finish up the three I wanted to do this month.
After watching it, I’m quite interested to read the books. I tried to get them last time I went to the library, but they didn’t have them in. I suppose I’ll just have to check again next time I go. Also, I liked Rue ^^

The new patch for World of Warcraft came out yesterday, and I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet. I’m really happy Treant form is back for resto druids, as it was sorely missed in its hiatus from the game, and the new travel form is wonderful. I’m glad that they finally got a deer form to match that hoof icon it has had all this time.

I love the mount and pet sharing, along with titles, and the new character creation is beautifully crafted. Seeing as how I love to make and level alts, I’ll be seeing and using it quite a bit :]
The new talent system reminds me of Diablo 3 a lot, which is both good and bad. I like how simple it is, but for warriors it seems to have a lower amount of customization between tanking and DPS, which could get annoying. I really like it for Druids and Rogues, and hunters have a pretty decent one too. On the subject of hunters, I absolutely love how you can choose which talent tree you want for your pets. Now my collection of Spirit Beasts has a functional use instead of all being the same!

The glyphs seem a lot easier to manage too, with less of them and only two categories instead of three. So far with the patch, I’m having the most fun with the druid and rogue changes, but we’ll see how it goes as Mists of Pandaria comes closer.

If you play WoW, what are your thoughts on the patch? It seems like a lot of people are loving it, and a lot of people are whining on forums and trade chat about it =P
Talk to you soon,



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