RooView: Fantasy Characters by J “Neondragon” Peffer


Fantasy Characters by J “NeonDragon” Peffer is a lovely little book. I got one of Miss Peffer’s books a long time ago, and loved it, so I had to put this one on my wishlist at Christmas. One of my brothers pleasantly surprised me with it, and it has seen much use in the nine months since then.

This book is printed on very nice, slightly glossy paper (not incredibly so), with vibrant colors and clear lettering. The text, unlike many drawing books, is fun to read, and even if I’m not drawing, I very much enjoy flipping through it, reading and looking at the wonderful pictures.

Every few pages is a short, humorous comic featuring your ‘drawing guide’, the green dragon Dolosus, and his (not-very loved) companion, who I don’t think has a name. Dolosus and his companion provide a pleasant break from the drawing, and sometimes the comics refer to the tutorial following it.

There were a lot more drawings in this book than I expected, with a few extra pages on things such as wings, hooves, cloth, and the like. The book is split up into five parts, each just as interesting as the next.

The first is on drawing humans. The tutorial found here on hands is the most helpful one I have ever found, and is wonderfully simple. This part also covers drawing basics, like how to use basic shapes in drawing, and shading. It shows tutorials for a basic human form (both male and female), facial proportions, expressions, facial features (eyes, nose, etc.), and hair.

The next part is on things from fairy tales, like elves, fairies, and orcs, with extra tutorials on fairy wings, cloth ruffles and folds, pointy ears, tusks, and beards!

The third covers things of legend. Mermaids, fauns, and centaurs populate the pages, along with an angel and the mysterious kitsune! You also learn about hooves, fins, feathered wings, including the cloven hoof and folded wings.

The fourth section is about monsters that lurk in the shadows, like banshees, vampires (The real kind. No sparkles here ;] ), werewolves, and, of course, demons. A somewhat “mirror tutorial” of the feathered wings is in this part, but on bat wings! Huzzah for leathery wings! ❤ (I much prefer them to feathers ^^) It also teaches you how to make cloth look old and tattered.

The last part is one of my favorites. It’s aptly named ‘Fashion Central’ and has various pages on articles of clothing or items that would make an adventurer seem complete. From warriors and samurai, to rangers and rogues, to clerics and mages, even from nobles to peasants, this section is fun to look through and practice sketching with. The tutorials are much more vague, only giving the first step or so and then the finished product, encouraging you to figure out how to draw the things on your own. Most are fairly simple, but when finished look amazing.

Overall, this book is fantastic. Whether you are a beginning artist or a professional illustrator, Fantasy Characters by J “NeonDragon” Peffer is a fun, quick read, with interesting pictures to draw, and things to be inspired with. I give this book 10/10 and will definitely be looking into more of Neondragon’s works.

Talk to you soon!

-Roo! ❤ :]
P.S. Remember, this is my last post for about a week! I’ll be back soon ^^ Also, I got the paperback of this book, but, in searching for a good picture of the cover on Google Images, it looks like there’s a thicker hardback too? I’m not sure =\ I’ll look into it later.


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