RooView: Untold Tales of Spider-Man, collected edition


Apologies for the low quality >< It was the only proper cover I could find

Untold Tales of Spider-Man was a series about everyone’s favorite web-slinger which ran for twenty-six issues between September, 1995 to October, 1997. It followed much of Spider-Man’s early career as a new superhero, featuring such villains as Electro, Sandman, and The Scorcher, among many others. In February of 1997, a collected edition under the same name republished issues 1-8 in a single, convenient paperback.

I found the collected edition in my library, and decided to pick it up, and I’m very happy I did. The story is sound, smoothly sticking together from issue to issue without any gaps. The art style was that of many Marvel comics of the 90’s, though the colors were vivid and smooth, much like those in modern-day comics.

Spidey held true to his character, being the wise-cracking, web-slinging superhero we all love, while being the calm, timid Peter Parker to hide his identity. J. Jonah Jameson, the raging publisher of the Daily Bugle, still bears his unquenchable hate for Spider-Man.

Also, many mentions of other heroes, like Iron-Man, Thor, and Ant-Man were scattered throughout, along with a very enjoyable issue featuring the Human Torch!

I have very few complaints about this book. For one, though, is that since it only covers the first eight issues of the Untold Tales of Spider-Man, it leaves you hanging at a very interesting point. As such, it isn’t exactly a stand-alone comic =P My other complaint is that I can’t find it anywhere! I tried to look it up to find where to find it, but I couldn’t find any results of the same edition. O.o

Overall, I loved reading this book, and I’m very happy I picked it up. I’d love to find the rest of the Untold Tales of Spider-Man, and finish the story, however. I’d give this book an 8/10  ^^ I recommend this to anyone who loves Spider-Man and would like a fun little read about the wonderful webslinger :]

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