RooView: Tyson Wolf by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Let me start this off by saying that Douglas Cuddle Toys makes some of the best stuffed animals I’ve ever seen. Soft, floppy, and not shoddily made, they last forever (not literally, mind you ^^), and are so very cute. This wolf was no exception.

I received him for my last birthday, and I love him. That was about 7 months ago, and he still looks brand new. I’ve only had to clean him once (handwashed. I’m not sure how he’d survive the washer and dryer. I was too scared his stuffing would get all lumpy to try =P), and his fur isn’t starting to get all lumpy like most stuffed animals do.

I’m not the most gentle person around, so he has certainly gotten tossed about a good bit, but no holes, popped seams, or scratched eyes have occurred yet. He gets slept with every night (yes, I’m such an adult, I know =P), so I’m fairly surprised that he hasn’t started to look a bit worse for wear.

He can kind of sit/stand on his own, but his legs aren’t stiff, just well constructed. His nose isn’t the usual hard plastic piece, instead being made of a synthetic leatherish material. (That’s another thing about Douglas Cuddle Toys, they don’t seem to use plastic noses that much, if at all, so the only hard pieces on their stuffed beasties are their eyes.).

His eyes are a nice brownish orange, and his coloring is mostly tan with a gray and tan mottled back and tail. Personally, his coloring looking a bit more like a coyote than a wolf, but he’s cute anyways ^^ He has mostly longish fur, with shorter fur on his legs, ears, and face. It surprised me that he hardly shed at all, since most stuffed animals with long fur tend to shed for quite a while after getting them. He barely lost any little fluffs of fur.

Overall, I give this fellow a 10/10. He’s a good size, soft, floppy, and is absolutely adorable. Douglas Cuddle Toys’ quality is evident once more with this wonderful wolf. I highly recommend him for anyone, from a young toddler to an adult, and everywhere in between ^^ I do suggest cleaning him occasionally, however, to keep his fur fluffy :]


Talk to you soon,


P.S. Mine’s nose isn’t as round as the one in the picture. It’s more of an ovalish shape ^^


About Roo

Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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