RooView: How to Draw and Paint Mythical Monsters by J “Neondragon” Peffer


How to Draw and Paint Mythical Monsters by J “Neondragon” Peffer is another lovely little art book by Miss Peffer. I got this for my birthday about a year or two before I got Fantasy Characters by the same author (I also reviewed that one ^^ If you click the “RooViews” tab, you can read it, if you’d like), and it first let me to her works, all of which that I’ve seen are wonderful!

Although the item LOOKS like a thick book in many pictures, I must warn you, it isn’t. Luckily for me, I found it at a Barnes and Noble, so I didn’t get disappointed by it not being one =P Instead, it’s actually a drawing kit! It comes with a project book, which I will review in a moment, along with some art supplies. Six small tubes of paint in red, blue, white, grayish black, yellow, and green, along with a paintbrush, pencil, and an eraser too cute to use, are sealed in plastic on one side of the cover. I’m really not sure what kind of quality the paint and paintbrush are, since I never paint, but the pencil is just a basic sketching pencil. The eraser is white, with a picture of Dolosus, the little green dragon who seems to appear in all of Neondragon’s books, printed onto it.

The project book was the main attraction. (I mean, really, who buys a kit like this for little tubes of paint? =P) It’s printed on a sort of glossy paper, and fits into a little pocket in the back of the cover that contains all of this. It’s about 32 pages long, with tutorials on seven creatures, along with tips for shading, sketching with using basic shapes, and some tips for coloring and painting. The creatures it teaches you to draw are: A basic dragon, dragon body (Front view), Gargoyles, Chimeras, a Kirin (Chinese unicorn ❤ ), Basalisk, and Griffins. In the very back of the book are two pages with pictures of a few other mythical creatures, like Pegasi, Phoenixes, and Wyverns, with little inofrmation on generic origin, character traits, and powers.

Overall, I’d give this a 9/10. I wish the project book was longer, maybe covering mroe of the mythical creatures in the back, but the tutorials it does have are very clear and simple to follow. I’m a huge fan of this book and very happy I got it, although there are some things to warn you about if you’re considering purchasing this. For one, the cover it comes in ISN’T square. One edge is cut at an angle. Not a huge problem, but it can’t exactly be pushed flat against the back of the bookshelf =P Secondly, there seems to be two versions of this…the one I’m reviewing is the one with the cover at the top of the post (The Phoenix), but there seems to be one with this cover:

Maybe it’s a reprint, or has different creatures…I’m not exactly sure. I’ve never seen it in person. Also, I don’t know what quality the paint is, so I can’t really tell you what to expect there. Apologies =( They’re acrylic paints, by the way ^^

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