Quote of the Week #3


The Quote for this week is:

I like to have a hero a little underpowered. I mean, Spiderman is far cooler than Superman. How do you challenge Superman? ~ Patricia Briggs

DISCLAIMER: I did not choose this quote because I dislike Superman. I chose it because I agree with the concept behind it =P

This rather goes hand in hand with QotW #1 (you can read that my clicking the “Quote of the Week” tab at the top of the blog ^^) If your character can beat every villain you throw at him with just his thumb, he’s a bit overpowered. Weaknesses and being a bit below the power of the villain not only makes your hero a bit more believable, but it makes his victory over the villain all the better. It also provides the ability to add more problems to the plot. It’s hard to be the little hero fighting the big villain, but that’s exactly what makes the story more interesting!

Trouble often comes from a hero’s inability to resist something, defeat something, etc. Overpowered heroes are not good heroes at all. So, give your hero a few faults ^^

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