RooView: Boulder Black Bear by Douglas Cuddle Toys


As I said on my last Douglas Cuddle Toy review, Douglas Cuddle Toys make some of the best stuffed animals I have ever encountered. They’re soft, durable, and cute, and usually a really nice size. Boulder Black Bear is another big favorite of mine.

I saw him in the window of a local store, and I had to get him.  I am SO glad I did. He’s amazing. Like the wolf from Douglas Cuddle Toy that I reviewed, his fur still looks new after three or four months of being handled pretty much every day, and it shows no signs of ceasing to do so.

This bear is about fifteen inches long, from nose to tail, and around eight to eight and a half (not exact measurements, sorry D= ) from the underside of his foot to the tip of his ear. His stuffed fairly loosely, so he flops around pretty easily, but he can stand on his own really well, too. His nose isn’t the usual hard plastic, instead being made of a synthetic, leather-like material and stuffed. His eyes, on the other hand, are the usual plastic safety eyes, but unless someone is trying to pull them out, I doubt that they would come off.

He’s mostly black, with a little patch of a medium brown on his muzzle/chin area. The black fur they chose is really lovely. It’s extremely soft, and a medium length, and (at least with mine) it barely shed at all when I first got him. A few hairs here and there, but nothing major. It’s also a very nice looking black. It’s that type of black that, in some lights, has a tiny bit of a bluish tint to it. (That was a horrible description, but I’m not really sure how best to say it. Blah. Not really bluish black, because he’s most definitely black, but, well…a light tint in it? Hrm…) His eyes are a very nice shade of an orangish red.

Overall, the Boulder Black Bear gets a 10/10 for quality, good size, and dat fluffiness. Yes. He’s highly recommended in my eyes, although I’d recommend washing him down with a damp cloth every once in a while to keep him in good condition ^^ His tag says that he’s machine washable, but I’m not sure if his stuffing would fare too well.

Talk to you soon, and have a lovely, fun, Merry Christmas, everyone!


P.S. Sorry about the slightly sloppy nature of this review =P It’s most definitely not my best one.




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