Those ponies!


I just got home from another journey to the nearest Toys-R-Us, bringing with me 3 ponies. Woo. Yes, I know I said way earlier last year that I wasn’t extremely interested in Friendship is Magic, but, well…that was when I only watched the first two episodes =P And now here I am going out to find them.

So, there are these My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic blind bags, which you can buy for somewhere around $2.00 (USD, btw), and you get a random pony, bringing you anything from one of the main six to a random background pony. But, they aren’t so random =O Serial numbers are printed deviously on the bag, so if you know a pony’s number, you can find them pretty easily.

Pony Box.

Bring me Alicorns, little yellow bag!

Unless you’re like me, derp out, and misjudge the numbers.

I went to Toys-R-Us to find Cadence, whose number is 70122 in the greenish/yellow bags. They didn’t have her, but they did have another one I was looking for (who will be repainted into Scootaloo! Woo, Scoots!), and two more bags, whose numbers I thought were Celestia and Luna. I got them, figuring that two Alicorns would possibly make up for the lack of my Cadence, but upon opening them, I realized that I had misjudged the numbers. Go me.

I ended up with a second Twilight Sparkle and some background pony which is pretty cute, but not what I was looking for. Ah well, better luck next time =P

So, a tip for all you pony seekers out there: Look up the numbers you want, write them down, and don’t guess at other ponies numbers! You may end up with something far different than what you were expecting >.>

I’ll be posting pictures of my custom Scootaloo on DeviantArt whenever I get around to buying the paint and making her. I’m really excited =D

I shall be going on another Cadence Quest sometime soon and hope that I can find her this time. I want my princess D=

Funny…the person who loves big machinery, blood and guts, and weaponry looking for a pretty pink pony. Hrm. Didn’t really see that one coming last year =P

Talk to you soon,



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