RooView: Derpy Hooves Vinyl Figure


As some of you may know, I got my wisdom teeth out last Monday. To cheer me up, my brother gave me this Derpy Hooves vinyl figure. Well, it worked, making me feel quite better, and now here I am, reviewing her!

Derpy Hooves is a background character from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This figure resembles her show appearance quite well, in my opinion, and is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection.

Standing at about 5 ½ inches (Approximately 14 centimeters) tall, Derpy is a nice size to stand on your desk. She’s surprisingly heavy for her size, due to the fact that she is an entirely solid figure, instead of the cheap hollow kind. Her colors are show-accurate, as is her cutie mark (7 bubbles), however her cutie mark is only on one side. Her eyes go in two different directions, so that from either side she looks like a normal pony, but from straight on, she most definitely is Derpy Hooves. Her wings are standing up, and I was concerned that they might snap off, but they seem fairly solid. I won’t be putting her up on any high shelves, though, just in case.

Mine’s right eye doesn’t point upwards quite that far, but this was the best picture of Derpy I could find >.>

Reading the other reviews on this figure (and her Rainbow Dash counterpart), it seems that there are a lot of issues with them. People complain about scuff marks, scratches, and blatantly obvious seams in the plastic. Luckily, mine only has a few small marks on her face and one tiny scratch on her side, so it isn’t that noticeable, but if you want a perfect pony, you may want to find a store that carries these and inspect them instead of ordering them online.

Derpy loves you ❤

Derpy comes in a sturdy black box with a clear plastic window in the front. It’s made of a pretty thick cardboard, and is excellent for keeping her safe. It has her face on the lower righthand corner, and a “I ❤ ((Little Derpy Hooves face))” in the middle of the bottom, along with a gray and yellow My Little Pony emblem in the top right.

Overall, I’d give Derpy a 9.5/10, taking off half a point for the scratches and such. She’s show accurate, cute and a great size for standing on your desk. I’d highly recommend her to any fan of the show, as she makes for a lovely little friend to have around.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. All pictures were found on Google Images! I wish I could take my own, but I don’t exactly have a functioning camera =P When I take the pictures of plushies for DeviantArt, getting about 5 pictures is a massive struggle with my battery-eating camera.


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2 Responses to RooView: Derpy Hooves Vinyl Figure

  1. Maegan says:

    I got one of these in toysrus in times sqaure. The tail is kinda loose and there is a scratch mark on the left eye.

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