Happy Monday, everyone!


Look at that, I’m in a good mood, and it’s a Monday! Imagine that!

I’m finishing my work so very quickly today, and that’s quite the improvement from all of last week. Hopefully my swiftness can carry on for the rest of this week =P

As I have posted about before, I’m planning to start a story over on Wattpad fairly soon. I posted the makeshift cover over on DeviantArt (minus the text), and I’ve been working on Character Sheets, Plot outlines, chapter overviews, and all that pre-planning before starting work on the actual story. If all goes well (and something more important doesn’t pop up in front of it), the story should have its first chapter posted some time from early to mid March. I’m having a bit of trouble with the plot, but as soon as that gets straightened out, everything should be smooth sailing from there on out.

I’ve been excited to write lately, and while I don’t understand the sudden change of heart, I’m taking full advantage over it. Usually I just like having the finished product and the actual act of writing feels like a cheesegrater to the forehead, but over the past two weeks or so, it hasn’t. It’s very strange, but I’m enjoying it fully. I’ve gotten more work done this month than I did the entire month of December, I think.

It’s lovely.

Talk to you soon,



About Roo

Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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3 Responses to Happy Monday, everyone!

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Cheesegrater to the forehead? Great line!

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