RooView: Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania

Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania is a fun animated movie that is entertaining and interesting.

Hotel Transylvania Cover

Dracula, the overprotective father of Mavis, was very likeable quite early on in the movie. He has both good features, and some very bad ones, making him not only a believable character, but also a believable father. Mavis, his daughter, was also very likeable. She’s young (for a vampire, that is =P) and energetic, with large dreams of leaving her father’s hotel-castle and going on adventures. Jonathan, the human who stumbles into the hotel, is funny and entertaining. The background characters were interesting, fun, and fitting.

I liked the mummy and werewolf ^^

The animation was wonderful. The backgrounds were excellent, and the character designs were clean, simple, and fitting. Exaggerated movements, intriguing background characters, and nice colors caught my attention early on, and were actually one of the things I liked best about the movie. I’d love to see more movies animated in a similar style. I loved how Mavis and Jonathan looked, and Dracula’s appearance grew on me pretty quickly. The vampires’ bat forms were absolutely adorable, especially when Mavis did the “pouty bat face” like in the trailer.

Possibly the cutest animated bat I’ve seen

The story was good, and interesting, though it did feel like something was missing. Perhaps the conflict was too small, or the emotional pull not quite large enough, but the plot was lacking something. It was still very enjoyable, and I did want to see how it ended, but it could have used a bit more improvement. The beginning seemed a bit slow to me, but it quickly picked up speed.

The music was…all right. I would have chosen something different in a few places, but other than the occasional bad song, it was pretty good. For the most part, it stayed in the background, not overpowering and grabbing your attention away from the story, but adding to it. And then there was one or two times that it was pretty bad. (**cough**endingsong**cough**)

There are a few small parts that may be frightening for younger kids, such as Dracula’s red “angry face” like he did in the trailer, and a few of the monsters might be a bit scary, but overall, it isn’t a scary movie at all.

Coupled with snarling/growling, and the fact he is actually moving, it could be scary for little kids

Overall, I’d give this movie an 8/10. The story was lacking, but the characters made up most of it. The animation was superb, but the music could use some help. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, interesting movie. It’s mostly just a silly film, but the main characters do learn some valuable lessons over the course of the story. It’s definitely worth a watch ^^

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