RooView: Batman, Knightfall: Volume One


**WARNING: If you don’t know about Bane’s actions against Batman, this WILL contain spoilers about that. I’m posting a couple of pages of his title-earning deed. And two of Scarecrow. Because he’s cool. Nothing else story-wise, though**

Batman: Knightfall, Volume One is a spectacular comic, and forth every second spent reading it. It follows the famous Batman storyline about Bane, the man who broke the Bat, and upon seeing the rather well-known picture of Bane’s deed, I picked up this massive volume from our library and took it home. I am SO glad I did.

As I said, Knightfall follows the story arc published under the same name running between 1993 and 1994 (approx.). It begins with Bane’s bloody origin, and then his plans to destroy Batman. After the absolutely fantastic back-breaking is over with, it follows Robin (Tim Drake) and Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) in taking over Batman’s old place as defender of Gotham. I assume that the other trade paperbacks made out of this storyline finish it, but, seeing as how I couldn’t find them, I don’t actually know that =P

The story is thrilling, and grips you from the first page to the last. My three best friends can confirm that I pretty much talked about Batman every single day while I was reading this. Sorry about that. Anyway, written by several different authors over the course of the storyline, the plot is as close to perfect as Batman can be. I loved it. I wanted more. Actually, I still do.

The color on this one is really bad, but the only other one I could find was, like, neon versions of the colors.

This is possibly my favorite page in this entire storyline. And I have no idea why

The art has that classic “comicbook look” in the coloring and shading and such, but has its own special differences. The designs for the characters look wonderfully alive on the page, with clear colors and action-packed panels.

Batman is, well, he’s Batman. He’s fun to read and amazing to look at pictures of. The fight scenes looked wonderful, with his cloak flowing behind him. It was really interesting to see the change in the costume and such when Jean-Paul took over. Scarecrow was present in parts of the story, along with some other well-known villains from Arkham, such as the Joker, Catwoman, and the Riddler. (It also included the Ventriloquist. I hate him. I have a small fear of ventriloquist dummies, and having a lunatic holding a scarred dummy with a gun is rather creepy.) I adored the way Scarecrow was drawn, with his long limbs and willowy frame. I also really loved the way the mouth on his mask actually moved with him talking. I wasn’t particularly fond of Joker’s design here, but, well, what can you do with a red-lipped, white-skinned, green-haired crazy? (I take that back. He’s had a few designs I really liked. This wasn’t really one of them, though).

Bad Scarecrow

Gooooooooood Scarecrow!

Excellent Scarecrow!

This comicbook made me like Robin. As in, Robin the Boy Wonder. I was impressed. I kind of liked him from his part in Lego Batman (and that’s pretty much it =P), but now, I really like the Tim Drake version of Robin. He was lively and very enjoyable to read. Congratulations, Mr. Drake. You have a new fan ^^

Robin. Yay.

I was never really a fan of Bane’s comic design. I didn’t care for his luchador mask and weird spandex…thing that he wore. But, regardless of the costume, he is an amazing villain. He’s cold, calculating, and vicious. He’s dangerous when he wants something, and won’t stop at anything to get there. He rapidly became my favorite Batman villain. (Dark Knight Rises Bane probably helped, too.) He is very clearly in control of the situations he’s in, and he doesn’t have to say anything to establish that. It’s awesome.

TDKR Bane, just because he’s incredibly awesome

Overall, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who likes superheroes. As I said in my Monday post, Batman is sucking me in with his awesomeness. I need to read some Marvel stuff to bring me back. This book is amazing from the first page to the last, full of excellent plot, wonderful art, and colorful characters. If you haven’t read it, you should go find a copy and try it out. And if you have read it, you should probably read it again =P

Talk to you soon,


P.S. I just realized that this review, which is about Batman, has no Batman solo pictures in it. So I’ll just repost this. Even though I posted it two days ago.


P.S.S. I couldn’t find pictures of my three favorite panels in Knightfall. There’s a man from Arkham that I have decided to call Mr. Straitjacket Guy, and he serves literally no purpose in the story other than to be crazy. He is dashing through the woods in his snazzy Arkham straitjacket, and runs into a tree. I had to reread the panels a few times to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and when I realized I didn’t, I just started laughing. He’s the best villain.


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2 Responses to RooView: Batman, Knightfall: Volume One

  1. monchizario says:

    yeah tree guys name is maxi zeus or something. hes a obscure villain from the earky 90s im pretty sure hes a alan grant creation. knightfall was excellent i was also hooked when ii got the paperbacks and that was almost 20 years ago. glad the new generation still like it

    • Roo says:

      Nice to know that the tree guy actually has a name 😛

      Knightfall is still one of my favorites, even after reading more comics…it was just a masterpiece, in my opinion 😀

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