RooView: Wreck-It Ralph


**Edit** There’s a little box on Ralph’s chest that says “Wreck It Ralph” in the picture below…didn’t notice that before uploading >< I’ll try to find a better cover (and one where Ralph doesn’t look weird), but I don’t know if I can

Wreck It Ralph Cover

Wreck-It Ralph is the relatively new animated movie from Disney, about a video game villain who doesn’t want to be a villain anymore. As a gaming fan, I really wanted to see this.

The story follows Ralph in his journey among games to find a medal. His quest begins after his game’s 30 year anniversary, when he is told that “bad guys don’t win medals!” I liked the concept of the plot, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the execution. The beginning, though it had a few funny and likeable parts, seemed a bit slow to me, but I liked the ending a lot. It had a few twists in it that I wasn’t expecting, but they fit fairly well.

The characters were pretty good. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ralph through the majority of the movie; I didn’t hate him, but I didn’t care for him as strongly as I should have. Vanellope (the young girl in the trailer) was probably my favorite. I didn’t expect to like her very much from the trailer, but by the end of the movie, I really liked her.

How could you NOT like her?

How could you NOT like her?

King Candy, from the same game as Vanellope, was an interesting character as well, whose antics and mannerisms are a bit funny at times.

King Candy

I liked Fix-It Felix, the ‘hero’ from Ralph’s game, and Calhoun, the officer from the first-person shooter game in the arcade. I also really liked the bugs in her game.




And the bug

My favorite background character was Sour Bill, the chief servant of King Candy.

Sour Bill

The animation was amazing. It incorporated several different styles to show all the different video game characters, with some characters looking far more realistic than others (Calhoun v.s. Ralph, for example). The colors were vivid, and the movements of the characters and backgrounds were smooth for the most part, although a few of the characters moved jerkily, like their arcade game counterparts. Overall, it was a very nice movie visually, and quite enjoyable.

Overall, I would give this movie an 8/10. The plot was executed decently, although a few things could have been changed for the better, and the characters were well done for the most part. I absolutely loved the animation itself. I would recommend giving Wreck-It Ralph a chance, because it was fairly decent, just not a favorite of mine. It was quite fun to look through the background and identify what characters I recognized, too. =P

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P.S. Images are having some trouble today. I might have to come back and edit them later >.< Apologies.


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