I totally forgot about this


I forgot you.

Like. For real.

And now it’s really late in the day.


I also have nothing to say today xD So I’ll just spew random nonsense about books. I can always ramble about that and superheroes for hours, no problem.

As I have said many times, I’m planning to write a story over on Wattpad sometime soon. Yet again, however, I’ve had to push it back, since I have others that are more important at the moment. I’m already in love with one of my characters, and quite happy with the others, but the plot could use some more work. I’m going to be finishing the rough draft for a different book of mine next month, so I’m probably going to start the Wattpad story some time in May, and at the beginning of June at the latest. I’m having some issues with piecing the plot together, which is another reason for being a bit slow for starting, but the other book is the primary reason.

I love having so many books of mine I love and enjoy. It’s quite invigorating to be able to sit down and actually enjoy doing the work itself (Except when I have extreme wrist pain from typing too much. That’s always fun). For a really long time, I HATED doing the actual work, but liked the outcome, so I’d work at it anyways (albeit slowly and very off schedule =P). After struggling at it for so long, I can finally see an outcome that’s quite lovely. Writing is often one of the higher points of my day, being able to visit my many fantasy worlds and watch my beloved characters do their work. I’m about halfway through the rough draft of one of my books, with a plot that probably won’t change very much (generally speaking, that is), and it’s invigorating and fantastic to be able to see the story progressing so far. I’m really excited to see what it will be like to write the final words of the rough draft and set it aside for a while before revising. Knowing that I’m that close to the end of the second step towards publishing makes me very, very happy (naturally, the first step would be the planning of the book, developing plot and characters, etc. At least in my mind it is =P)

Talk to you soon,



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