RooView: Ferdinand Fox by Douglas Cuddle Toy


Ferdinand Fox by Douglas Cuddle Toy is an adorable little stuffed animal. Small, soft, and well-made, he’s a lovely addition to any stuffed animal-lover’s collection.

His fur is a bright orangish red color, just like a fox, with a white underbelly and tail tip, black socks, and black ears (with tannish insides). His eyes are a dark brown, and his nose is a black triangle. Most of his fur is a medium length (a bit on the short side. He doesn’t shed after the first day or so), with his legs and face just a bit shorter. The back of his ears is made of an extremely short, but still very soft, material, with the insides made of a different type. It’s almost felt-like, but not quite. His nose is hard, but has a fuzzy covering over it.

This little fox is about a foot long from nose to tail tip, and nine inches from the base of his foot to the tip of his ear. He can stand on his own, but is still very squishy and easy to hug. As with most Douglas Cuddle Toys, he’s very well made, with strong seams, safety eyes (and nose!), and highly durable. His small size makes him the perfect companion for trips, but isn’t too small.

The stuffing they used doesn’t clump or move from body part to body part like some stuffed animals, staying in its correct place and creating a very soft, squishy fox. He is extremely soft, and, as I previously stated, doesn’t shed (woohoo!)

His fur doesn’t seem to get dirty that easily (unless you’re throwing him around outside, of course), and I’m not sure if he’s machine washable or not. I would just wipe him down with a damp cloth and let him air dry, just to be safe.

Overall, I’d give this fox a 10/10. He’s soft, durable, cute, and comes highly recommended from me! His face is one of the best fox faces I’ve seen on a stuffed animal, and is sure to bring a smile to any stuffed animal- or fox-lover, toddler to adult. Just remember to keep your little friend clean so he keeps his soft fur ^^

Talk to you soon,



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