Superheroes, Shawarma, and Starcraft


I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, and it was quite nice.

For lunch, my and some friends went to a small restaurant near where I live and ate shawarma. This was the second time I’ve ever had shawarma, and I must say, it’s one of the most awesome foods ever. It even got me to eat tomatoes without caring, and that’s a pretty big achievement.

It’s delicious. It’s essentially meat (usually lamb, but the place we went to will serve it as beef instead, too), wrapped in some form of pita bread wrap…thing. It has some vegetables in it, but not that much. Another description of shawarma is that it’s simply food from heaven (Or Asgard, if you prefer. Thor does seem to enjoy it).

On the way home, we stopped at the comicbook store and I picked up “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” which is an absolutely amazing book.

I also got the Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm collector’s edition, so I’ll be able to review that after I play the campaign! Woo! I’m actually looking forward to playing it. Probably because Zerg are my favorite race.

Clearly the best unit.

Clearly the best unit.

That’s about it! I’ve rewritten this post so many times, just because I couldn’t decide what to write on, so I’m going to post this and leave before I edit this again.

Talk to you soon,


Also, just because it makes me smile way too much:



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