RooView: StupidFox


StupidFox is a webcomic drawn by Emily Y. Chan, most commonly known for being posted on DeviantArt (Under Miss Chan’s profile SilentReaper). You can also buy it in book form, and have StupidFox for your very own!

The StupidFox book is hardbound in a rather durable cover, and is approximately 8 ¾ inches long (22ish cm.) and 5 ¾ inches tall (14 ½ cm.). The pages are of a glossy paper that seems to hold up pretty well. The colors are vibrant and clear, and the print is easy to read.

The book holds the first 72 comics, along with some extra pictures in the back. Each comic is usually 4 panels long, and most of them don’t have any dialogue in them at all. Underneath each is a short comment relating to the subject of the comic.

Another nice bonus of this book is that the author signs it for you ^^

Overall, I’d give the book a 9/10. The stories are simple, humorous, and lighthearted, the art is simple, but not in a bad way. StupidFox is enjoyable by people of all ages, and can bring a smile to your face quite easily.

I also got the StupidFox plush keychain. This little rendition of the protagonist of the comic is soft, squishy, and accurate to his drawn counterpart. The keychain part is also removable, if you just want him to be a little fox friend for your desk ^^

The pins that are also available from the StupidFox store have the same clean art style and bright colors of the comic, and attach to things fairly easily. They come in a variety of designs, all of them very likeable.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. All pictures are (c) Emily Y. Chan…I kind of ripped them off her website =P


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