RooView: Wind Rider Cub


The Wind Rider cub plushie from Blizzard is an excellent addition to any World of Warcraft fan’s collection, whether you play Alliance or Horde.

He comes in a very nice size, not too big, and not too small, sitting at 8 ½ inches (approx. 22 cm) from ground to ear tip (not counting the stray hairs of the mane/ear tufts) and about the same length wide (from foot to foot). He’s made of a very short and very soft material, with long faux fur for his mane. The eyes and pawpads are embroidered, so you don’t have to worry about eyes falling off. The ‘webbing’ on his wings is made of a strange, tougher material than the rest of him, and his claws are little triangles of felt.

The colors and details of the Wyvern cub are very true to his in-game incarnation, down to the scorpion tip of his tail and the Horde symbol around his neck. He is stuffed firmly enough that he’ll sit up on his own, but is still squishy for convenient hugging =P

When you purchase a Wind Rider cub plushie, he comes in a black, drawstring-equipped sack, completer with a bright red Horde symbol on the front. In addition to that, he comes with a code that you can redeem for an in-game companion pet version of himself, which is useable on both Horde and Alliance characters (and with the new pet battle system, it’s shared among all your characters! Woo!)

Couldn’t find any good screenshots of him flying =( Sorry about that

Overall, I would give him an 8/10. He’s soft, a good size, and doesn’t have any parts that could be choking hazards, which is always nice. However, I think they could have possibly made his face a little bit cuter, like his in-game self, and perhaps changed his sitting position into something a bit less…topheavy. He can sit by himself, he just leans forward a little bit. (Maybe that’s just mine? I’m really not sure). On a side note, I love his ears. I’m really not sure why. Another warning for potential Wyvern cub owners is that his mane collects dust pretty fast, so make sure to dust him off if he’s occupying a shelf ^^

Talk to you soon,


P.S. He SHOULD be available from the Blizzard Store, but they currently say he’s out of stock =( I’m not sure if they intend to restock him or not.

P.S.S. There’s also an Alliance Gryphon version, but I don’t have him, so I couldn’t do a double review on both =P Also, both these pictures are pretty horrible.


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