RooView: How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way


How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema is a great drawing guide for any artist, even if they don’t want to draw comics. It’s about 160 pages total, and measures 11 inches (28 cm) by 8 ½ inches (22 cm).

This book covers several topics, like what tools you’ll need, perspective, the human figure, how to put action into a picture, composition, comicbook covers, inking and more. The teaching technique is excellent. Everything they say is quick and to the point, and written in a very understandable way. It shows the sketches under every picture in the book, including 3 pages of simple figure sketches, and a few step-by-step tutorials for specific pictures that you can follow for practice.

Overall, this book is short, straightforward, and spectacular. It’s a great instruction for drawing the human figure, and composing comic panels, among other things. I highly recommend picking this up if you intend to draw some comics of your own.

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P.S. Sorry this is so short >.> Blah. I need to write better reviews sometime.


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