RooView: Monsters University


Disney/Pixar’s MonstersUniversity is a fun prequel to the 2001 movie, Monsters Inc. It shows how Mike and Sulley met and became friends, and is an entertaining movie that is bound to make you smile.

All of the characters (background characters included!) were fun to watch, entertaining, and very diverse. The new characters brought more fun, lovable personalities to play off of, and it was interesting to watch Mike, Sulley, and Randall grow into the characters we know and love from the first movie. Personally, I found Randall incredibly adorable at first. I loved watching Mike and Sulley learn teamwork and become friends.

How do you NOT find that adorable? ❤

I love the difference in pretty much everything when he ‘grows up’ all the way. I like how his colors got darker ^^ Also, ever wondered why he squints all the time in the first one? Take a look at what’s missing! =P

The animation was fantastic. It was interesting and entertaining to watch the myriad of different monsters and scenery in the background, along with the fluid motions of the characters. The fur was incredible, especially the difference in the texture between Art and Sulley. It was colorful, bright, and impressive. Character design was a very strong point of the movie, with plenty of unique creatures roaming about.

Example of both diverse characters and fantastic fur!

I enjoyed the story very much, finding it well-paced, with believable character development and interesting events. I found it to be funny, enjoyable, and it made me smile throughout. There were a few slight breaks in consistency with the first movie, but they’re easily overlooked, and don’t cause a big problem at all.

Have a baby Mike. Because he’s cute. (Also, am I the only one who is reminded of the minions in Despicable Me by this picture? I am? Ok.)

Overall, I would give MonstersUniversity a 9/10. I loved the story, the characters, and the visuals, but I would like to have seen more of Randall, and have the consistency issues not be there. Also, it needed more George. ((While posting this and looking for pictures, I found that he apparently WAS at the university, I just missed him entirely. Derp.))


Before the film came the usual Pixar short. This one was called The Blue Umbrella. It was, without a doubt, my favorite short ever. Then again, I also have a soft spot for ‘living’ inanimate objects. It was about a blue umbrella who falls in love with a red umbrella, and spends his time trying to get over to her. It was adorable, with incredible, semi-realistic animation, fitting music, and the cutest umbrellas I’ve ever seen. I give it a 12/10! ^^

Smiling umbrella is the best umbrella. Yes.

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One Response to RooView: Monsters University

  1. Hmm… I thought that both Sully and Mike were a little out-of-character at first, but I liked the way the story built. 😉

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