Over this past weekend, I had the lovely time of going to our local Barnes and Noble, and got to wander around for a good bit. Even just being IN a bookstore makes me feel better. From the smell of the books, to the rows of spines with eye-catching titles carefully printed on them, everything is just fascinating and wonderful about them.

It’s amazing to think that behind every title stands the author’s long, tiring hours, the struggle to get published, and the massive amount of creativity it took to create the story. It’s also quite pleasing, for me at least, to imagine coming into a bookstore to be face-to-face with my own novels. That will probably be one of the best feelings ever. Now, if I could actually get a book beyond the tenth chapter…

Now, while I was in Barnes and Noble, I finally managed to find the elusive 600-and-something page novel that has escaped me for years. I located a copy of Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke, the last book in the Inkworld trilogy. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy (and still am!) that I FINALLY get to find out the ending! A few years ago, I found the first two at the library in my town, but they didn’t have the third, which made me a bit peeved (That would be an understatement, at the time. Also let it be noted that while I label Inkdeath as ‘Elusive’, the book can readily be found on Amazon, I just didn’t get a chance to buy it. So, essentially, me not reading it is massively my fault.). I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m already entirely entranced by it, just like I was with the first two. I actually really want to get my work done today so I can go read more of it =P

I also just found out that, when translated from German, the second book’s title changed from Inkblood to Inkspell. Personally, I think the original sounds much better, not only by itself, but within the series (Inkheart, Inkblood, Inkdeath…those three fit together much more smoothly imo).

Talk to you soon,



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