Quite the busy day!


There’s only a little under two weeks left in the month, and I’m waaaaaaay too far behind in my Nanowrimo wordcount to feel confident in winning. Regardless, I intend to push past the blank page and find my story on the other side. Even if I don’t make it all the way to 50k this month, I’m still fairly proud of what I’ve done so far. Plus, the month isn’t over yet! There’s still quite a chance for me to catch up, if I stop procrastinating and actually face my plot problems. It would probably help if I stop dropping it for pretty much everything that comes my way, too. Hrm.

I’m hoping to get at least 4k more words today, and keep doing that until I catch up, but that seems like a bit of a tall order, since I’m not used to it yet. I’ve got to stretch out my imagination and get going again! Only 13 days left to go!

Today is full of things I need to do, and I’m moving much too slow to accomplish all of it in a reasonable time. I’ve been far too lazy recently, and it’s being pretty difficult to break back out of. Bleh. I’m sure I can do it if I work hard enough, but the habit of being lazy is a difficult one to break, even for a second time =P

Back to books, though. My characters are lovely little monsters, and they’re extremely fun to write. Unfortunately, my early month motivation has begun to peter out, right when I need it most. I suppose I just have to get to work, go hunt it down, and tell it to come back. The story is just as good as I thought it was when I started, so why the pause?

I hope all my fellow Nanowrimo writers are doing much better than I am! Good luck, and congratulations if you already reached your 50k mark ^^

Talk to you soon,



About Roo

Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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