My Nanowrimo Experience


Last Saturday was the last day of November, and with its passing, the fantastic creative marathon of Nanowrimo drew to a close as well.

Around the middle of the month, I started to doubt that I would make it to the 50,000 wordcount mark that is the goal for Nano, but thanks to word wars with my friends, I managed to pull myself out of that slump in creativity. I wrote about 3,000 words (A little over that, I think) on Saturday, and reached my 50k goal. The only thing that made that victory even more awes0me was the fact that the last sentence I wrote rounded out to exactly 50k. Not 50,004, not 50,017, exactly 50k. That made me really happy. Also, the winning screen that Nano provides is magnificent.

At first, I was considering doing Nano on my own, with no use of their website whatsoever, and just track everything myself, but in the end, I decided to actually use the website. I am SO glad that I did! Their wordcounter bar…thing is awesome. It’s such a rewarding feeling to see it fill up and then (When you win! ^^) having it turn purple with the word “Winner!” across it. They also have a convenient graph showing the daily wordcount you need to reach to make it on time. This graph not only helps with those of us who fail at math, but it’s also an easy way of making you feel really guilty when you fall behind, since everyone who views your profile can see how terrible you are. On top of these two thingies, there’s also the occasional pep talk and Nano motivation from the creators of the event and writers from all over that can help lift your spirits and boost your creative drive again. I didn’t read all of them, but the ones that I did read were very helpful.

Once I decided to use the website, I told myself that I wouldn’t use the forums, just the wordcounter and such. Well…then I needed help with my villain and reluctantly dove straight in. I found a thread full of awesome people who I ended up talking to for the whole of Nano. I made a few friends, and we all helped each other reach the 50k goal as best we could. They were motivating and uplifting when I started to think I couldn’t quite do it. I’d say that the forums and word wars were the two best things about using the site.

Overall, Nanowrimo was an incredible, awesome, fun experience that I eagerly look forward to doing again next year. I got to meet creative, friendly people, and help get out of my severe writer’s block I’ve been having this year. Without doing Nano, it probably would have been a much more difficult habit to break. When I do it next year, though, I’m going to start preparing my book’s overview and other things at the start of October, instead of two days before the event starts. That was a terrible idea.

Talk to you soon,




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