In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not Monday anymore.


I completely forgot about this yesterday! Sorry about that.

I had a lovely trip. I can’t say that I enjoy flying, but I didn’t completely freak out, so it’s ok. Taking off is amazing, but landing is a terrible experience in my opinion, and I don’t much care for just cruising. Airports are very busy, and the one in Phoenix is massive and takes a bit to cross if your second flight is all the way across it =P On the bright side, I had safe flights, so that’s good ^^

I had an incredible time with my family, and all around my visit was so much fun. We played lots of Risk, which I had never played before, and most of the games ended with me and my stepdad forming an alliance and taking over the world before battling it out. He usually won, except for the times we decided to call it a tie. I held Africa most of the time, with Madagascar being my favorite territory. I still have no idea why I chose Madagascar, but it turned out pretty well.

We also went to go see Frozen, which is a great movie ^^ I highly recommend it. It rivals Tangled (And Mulan, if that one counts) for my favorite Disney princess movie. Sven is the most adorable thing ever.

I went back to running today, and realized just how much not running for 10 days hurts when you start again. Ouch.

Talk to you soon,



About Roo

Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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