Music is incredible


Last night, I was listening to music on Youtube, clicking songs I hadn’t heard off the sidebar and discovering some pretty awesome new stuff. While what I was listening was primarily instrumental epic music like Two Steps from Hell and Audiomachine and such, it got me thinking. Music is an incredible art form. It’s so diverse, and the same song can be heard by so many different people. It’s a powerful thing, too, in that it can make you feel emotions, even without lyrics. There’s music that makes you sad, or lifts you up, and there’s music that helps you imagine fantastic things.

I find it so amazing that several people can hear the same song, and all be emotionally touched by it, though for different reasons. I can listen to the same lyrical song as my friend, and we can both come away from it with a different idea of what it was about. While the songwriter may have intended it one way, the person listening to it can interpret it numerous different ways.

The emotional affects of instrumental music can be just as (or more) powerful as music with lyrics. It’s fascinating how the notes and flow can change the mood of a setting (or person).

I heard someone say once that music was a type of therapy for them. They said that they could sit down and play something and feel so much better. It was something they could do to set aside the issues of the day and take a calming breath. When I’m playing an instrument, I feel fairly close to the same (unless I’m just practicing for the sake of practicing…I have to be playing because I want to). With something like a guitar or cello, I love feeling the sound resonating in the body of the instrument. It’s calming and can often easily lift my spirits, at least to some degree. A lot of the time when I’m alone, I like to sing, just because, and it always feels so wonderful.

I’m an incredibly nervous person when it comes to doing something in front of a lot of people. It’s a problem I really need to work on, since I like being around people. it mostly comes from being afraid of messing up, or what they’ll think of me or what I’m doing. When I used to play cello, though, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was so captured by what I was doing that I didn’t even give a thought to what anyone would think. I was wholly and entirely focused on playing, and listening to what was being played, that I was calm as soon as I started. Of course, when I was finished, I got a bit worried, but I was able to tell myself that I was done, and there was nothing to actually worry about, and I was fine.

Even the instruments themselves are beautiful. The craftsmanship that goes into each and every one is amazing. I love how each one sounds unique.

All in all, I suppose I could have shortened that post by saying that I love music.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. Art (c) Whoever drew it. If I can find out, I’ll post the name of the artist here. I just found this on google images =P

Edit: Artist is Jowybean on DeviantArt. Here’s a link to the picture.


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