Actually on time


My internet is fixed, and I’m actually on time for the first time in a few weeks! Hooray!

I’ve been procrastinating on my main novel for quite some time now. I was stuck, and I was planning on returning to it for Camp Nanowrimo next month, since I work better with deadlines (most of the time =P), which I’m still going to do. I was writing, to get my speed/quality back up after it went ridiculously down due to my break after Nanowrimo, just not my main story. Today, when I went to write, though, my brother told me to go work on my main novel, since I won’t get un-stuck without actually writing it. I begrudgingly obeyed, and I got over the bad spot. I wrote 1590 words today, which was more than I was intending to do, and it felt reallygood to finish. I’m ridiculously behind on my WriteTrack schedule, but through Camp (and actually writing =P) I’ll catch up pretty easy, I think. I am determined to finish my book this year. I’ve been fighting with this manuscript for waaaay too long. I don’t even care how terrible my writing is at the moment. After all, you can always edit that πŸ™‚ I’m determined to have my rough draft by June 15th. I have my heart set on that goal, and I intend to channel every ounce of writing power I have into attaining it.

For some reason, I always work better when I (a) Have a deadline and (b) Tell people my goals. Probably because I don’t like being disappointing.

On the subject of writing, I don’t know what name to put on my novel when I’m done. I’ve never cared for my real name, but I can’t think of a decent pen name (For that matter, I can’t even think of a half-decent one). Of course, I have plenty of time to think about it, so there’s no point worrying about it. Even if I DIDN’T have plenty of time, there’s no point in worrying about it. Worrying about anything doesn’t fix it, as I’ve learned the painful way (And yet I still do it O.o). I’d like to get a decent name, though, since I’ll (hopefully!) be publishing quite a few novels under it.

By the way, if you’re interested, I’ll be posting my daily wordcount from WriteTrack on my twitter (Which you can find here) when I get the chance πŸ™‚


I’m excited, in case you couldn’t tell πŸ˜‰

Talk to you soon,



Have some music.


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