The importance of doing things


Doing things is really important.


Life is to be lived, not to be watched, and to live life, you have to do things.

It’s really hard sometimes. Sometimes it’s easy, but other times, it’s just really, really, reallyhard. The important part is the self-discipline and perseverance it took to do it. Some things require help from people – encouragement, reminding you why you started in the first place, things like that – and others, not so much. 

When I was writing this draft of my novel, there were so many times that I didn’t want to even think another word, and times where my brother would have to drag me to my computer and make me finish for the day. Towards the end, it got a little easier, just because the drive for doing it and the risk of loss got bigger, but throughout most of it, I wasn’t doing so hot. The thing is, even when I didn’t want to touch my keyboard ever, ever again, I still did it. Even though it hurt like crazy (Literally. My wrists wanted to kill me), I still did it. In the end of it all, every single second of pain was completely and totally worth it.

Since I finished, though, the task of writing the sequel and editing the first one seems much smaller, much simpler, and much more reasonable. Now, of course, being the panicky person I am sometimes (I need to work on that), I did freak out for a bit over writing the new chapter overview, but once I calmed down, I got most of it done in an hour, and I’ll be finishing it later today. Not that bad. My first chapter overview took me daaaaaaays.

If you climb over consecutively bigger hills, one day you’ll look back and realize you’re on top of a mountain (Not literally…that would be pretty neat though :D). It just takes the dedication and work to conquer one thing at a time.

I used to have horrible reflexes. They were like seriously the worst thing on the planet. Me reacting to something was like playing World of Warcraft on bad internet, where you fall off a cliff and don’t die for a good five minutes after hitting the ground. It was bad. Now, though, after a year or so of having things happen suddenly, and my brothers tossing things to me, I can catch stuff better and react faster than I ever have.

One little tiny thing at a time, and then boom!You’re higher up the mountain than you ever thought you could get.

In other words, there’s great importance in doing things.

Life, man…

It’s crazy.

Talk to you soon,



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Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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