TCWT Blog Chain: What characters are you most like?


I had so much fun with last month’s blog chain that I had to join in on this month’s as well! It was a bit tougher of a subject this time, and I had to put plenty of thought into it. Hopefully I’ll get a fairly decent blog post out of that =P

As you can guess from the title, the subject this month was ‘What characters are you most like?’ Now, it would have been easy to put down characters that I wanted to be like, but that wouldn’t be very honest, now would it? The difficulty with this month’s subject was finding people Anyways, I attempted to think of some good characters to put here, and hopefully my view isn’t TOO far off =P (Also, the list is in no particular order whatsoever.)

I’ve been told that I’m like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’m like her on good days in the sense that I bounce off the walls and love everybody around me, and I’m also like her how she gets incredibly lonely and sad when she’s left alone for an extended amount of time. Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m lacking her social skills =P

I personally think I’m a bit like Pippin from Lord of the Rings (aka best Hobbit :D). I tend not to think about things and make a bit of a mess because of it. I also get easily lost in situations and don’t particularly pay attention to what’s going on sometimes (Okay, a lot of the time.). In addition to that, food. How about yes?

Unfortunately, I also tend to be like the Hulk without his sciency-smarts in his calmed-down mode. In other words, my temper can be fairly sudden, which is something I really need to work on. Blech.

There are quite a few characters that I would like to be more like, as I said earlier on in the post. There’s Captain America, for his honesty, his loyalty, and his determination, and there’s Samwise Gamgee for the loyalty and supportiveness (And long-lasting optimism). There are many more superheroes and literary characters who I could list, but I think that I’ll leave that for another day. That post might take me a while =P

I’m sure there are more characters that I could find, but I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head right now. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 sometime =P (Or another post like this in a year or so and see what changed. That might be interesting! :D)

Who do you think you’re like? Who have people told you you are like? Let me know in the comments πŸ˜€ I’d love to chat ^^

Talk to you soon,


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5 Responses to TCWT Blog Chain: What characters are you most like?

  1. Heather says:

    I have a Pinky Pie in my family–she is in first grade and she is crazy. XD But those are all great characters, and for once I actually know and like them all!

  2. Alyssa says:

    I love your comparison to Pippin, ahaha. (Food. Food is good.) I simply adore Dr. Banner when he’s Hulked down, and I’m sure you’re as awesome even without science-smarts. (For some weird reason, though, I preferred Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal.)

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