Cookie Cutter Characters

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The road goes on

Everyone knows what a cookie cutter neighborhood is. It’s a neighborhood where every single house is the exact same model, are all painted similar colors, and looks like something out of a syfy totalitarian government take-over.

One of my friends lives in one, and if we forget to bring the house number, we are stuck trying to remember which shade of gray it is, what car they have, and if they have a basketball hoop or not (though my friend is fairly good about putting signs up, and we never actually miss her house 🙂 ).

My point is, they all look alike, as if the builders used the same cookie cutter.

A cookie cutter character is my name for a character type that is used to much in one author’s stories.

A scenario in which a cookie cutter character could be created in would be the following.

Say you…

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