My Worldbuilding


It’s very strange to look back on my books and think about all the work that has gone into them. Worldbuilding is a monumental task, and I’d assume that’s why it’s taken me so long XD

I have two worlds (Mainly. There are a few others floating about in connection with them, but I have two important ones). One of them is fantasy, with knights and castles and magic and all that fun stuff. The other is a much darker steampunk world that also has magic, but is a much higher level of technology. The fantasy one is, was, and probably always will be my favorite, but the steampunk one is pretty cool, in my opinion =P

Knights and magical beasties have always had a special place in my heart, and the whole concept for my fantasy world sprung up from that. At first, it was tiny. It was a little island with a creepy castle with some ancient knight bro in it and a nasty witch lady in the south. There was a desert, an Elven forest, and some random plains thrown around. I think there was a snowy place up north and another island full of volcanoes and dragons. Now, the main area is an archipelago of large islands, but there’s a much bigger world beyond the sea around them. There’s even a sort of Journey-to-the-Center-of-the-Earth-style realm in the core. Well, it’s not a jungle, but there’s life down there. The islands are flooded over with numerous species, both sentient and not, each with their own culture and snazzy places to live. Of course, some are more developed than others. I’m definitely biased. (Don’t tell the giants. They’re a bit underdeveloped.) There are some frozen wastelands now, the desert got considerably more dangerous, and my fauns got territorial. The witch got thrown out of her castle (and deleted completely, actually. Poor lady.) and replaced by a crazy wraith fellow that essentially possessed the queen. The main problem stopped being the witch and started to be a fallen Ancient (Basically guardians of the world. If you want to hear about her, my last post talked about her a bit šŸ˜€ ), and the ancient knight bro got a new castle and a king to serve. He also stopped being reclusive. After all that, I tossed in my beloved unlikely hero and his motley crew, and the story started rolling. There are places of the world that need a lot of help, but overall, it’s good enough to go in. It’s insane to look at the original and compare it to the big place I have now.

My steampunk world is actually a mix of two concepts that I had a few years ago, leaning closer to one than the other. It ended up like a mix of steampunk and Roman empire, with some fantasy elements chucked into the mix. It shares quite a few races with my fantasy world and has a few original creatures of its own. Regardless of the other world’s whole fallen Ancient problem, this world is a bit darker overall. My last Nanowrimo novel was placed in it, along with a few other novels. It isn’t the home of a single long series like the other world, instead having a bunch of related stories. I’ve built up a long family line that spans all of them, but they are the most connected it gets. The actual landscape of this world is a lot less developed than the other one, with the empire being the more worked-on part. Still, the fantasy world has had more love put into it overall.

Worldbuilding takes forever, if you’re slow like me, but it’s such a rewarding and exciting process. It’s the best to be able to look back at the whole thing and see what happened. I need to work on some of the races’ actual cultures rather than just appearance and where they’re from, and I need to draw out an actual map, because the one in my head gets a bit confused sometimes. Besides that, when I was way younger, I placed castles in very inconvenient and illogical places. I need to fix that.

Talk to you soon, and happy writing!



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  1. Okay, I know I’ve already said this, but I’m going to say it again. Your fantasy story world sounds absolutely AMAZING!!!! =D

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