A Novel Idea: Stories! Stories all over!


I am once again participating in “A Novel Idea”! I missed last week, but…oh well, it’s fine 😛

“A Novel Idea” is hosted by Ashley @ Ashley Aspires. It comes out on Saturdays, and asks questions about characters and writing processes and snazzy things like that. If you like writing and talking to people about writing, be sure to check it out! 😀

1. What was your first story plot? Do you ever consider rewriting it?

My first big story plot (to the best of my knowledge) was about a trio of kids (Josh, Sarah, and some other bro) who disobeyed their parents, got sucked out in a riptide and ended up in the baby incarnation of my fantasy world. It was a Narnia ripoff. Shh.

I actually am rewriting it! The kids got replaced by Logan Anderson and his two best friends (A journalist guy and his wife), along with a motley crew consisting of a narcissistic Elf, a cheery fisherman, a mildly patronizing archer, and an insane, highly aggressive tribesman who is a little more psychopathic than intended. Also, the world grew up, along with the main characters. (When I describe my main group like that, they sound really weird :o)

2. Where do you get most of your ideas?

Dreams. Road trips. Music. Daydreaming. Pictures. Stories. Games. People. Everywhere 😀

3. How old were you when you decided that you couldn’t stand it anymore – and you started writing?

I have no idea. My first big story plot (Question #1) happened when I was somewhere between 7 and 8 (I think). I might have had some ugly scribbles around before that. I really don’t remember.

4. Do you have a favorite character from one of your books? Describe them.

One? Just one? D: That’s like telling someone to pick their favorite child. **Sigh** I’ll go with Logan Anderson, who I talked about on the last “A Novel Idea”. He’s early 20’s (I might be changing his age by a few years soon, so I won’t be exact 😛 ), and is the sweetest guy you’ll find. He’s gentle and quiet, and doesn’t like to lead people, mostly because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. He loves to surf, skateboard, and help people. He’ll do anything for someone else, if it’ll make them happy.

The only problem is that since he’s so gentle, he isn’t the best leader at first 😛

5. Do you act out your scenes, or just write them?

Hmm…that depends. If I’m alone and come up with something, I’ll usually talk to myself out loud about it, but if I’m around people, I just play it out in my head. I usually (unintentionally) mimic my characters’ expressions/react to them when I’m writing, though. That leads to me looking mildly crazy on occasion.

Thank you so much for reading! Make sure you go over to Ashley’s blog for other “A Novel Idea” posts and other cool things 😀

Talk to you soon,



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3 Responses to A Novel Idea: Stories! Stories all over!

  1. I started writing in earnest when I was nine. 😛 I’m kind of embarrassed about some of the stories I wrote… one of them was a Narnia rip-off too. 😛

    • Roo says:

      I’m so embarrassed by some of the stuff I wrote D: When I was proud of it, I sent it to one of my aunts, both parents, and my brother, and when I realized how bad it was, I tried to get the copies back and shred/burn/utterly destroy them. One or two copies are still floating around out there XD

      • I know the feeling! I gave up telling people that I write back when I was still trying to make up a coherent post-Return of the Jedi fic. I did not succeed, and the writing was horrendously choppy. I think I’m getting better, bit by bit, which I’m glad about. Anyway, I’m just happy that my old work is hidden in my room under my bed X-P

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