Incoming Nanowrimo!!!


I know I’ve been talking about Nanowrimo a lot recently. I’m excited, okay?

Nanowrimo is fast approaching, and I have yet to get my snazzy plotting boots on. Shivering is floating around with an incredibly vague plot at the moment. I know the big things that need to happen, but my trouble right now is fixing up the little stuff between so it all makes sense. Sometimes, my books don’t want to make sense. In the next 11 days or so before Nanowrimo, I’m going to be forcing Shivering to start make more sense. The middle is semi-okay for a first draft, but the beginning and end are just kind of sticking their tongues out at me and refusing to be decent.

At least I know who my villain is now 😀

I have some character sheets to put together today, and some names to be found. I love putting together character sheets. They’re so much fun 😀

Once I have a nice blurb and some other things, I’ll be adding a special page on this blog with some more info about Shivering. I don’t know how long I’ll leave it up…probably until the end of the year or so, though I will be setting the book aside at the end of Nanowrimo to get back to my main novel, since I have a deadline for that one (yay). Nanowrimo is just an extremely fun break ^^

I’ve never planned a whole series at once before. Usually, I’ll get an idea for the first book, then be like “Hey, this could happen then!”, but with Shivering, the whole series attacked me at once. It just popped up, from start to finish, which makes it much easier to plan them smoothly connecting. I scribbled up the vague story arc, and now I’m just cleaning up the first one. I can’t get distracted by plot bunnies, no matter how shiny they are. I have a really bad track record about that 😛

Talk to you soon,



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