Emotionally productive


Yes, I know this post is late. I’m sorry. I got absorbed in a project yesterday and wound up losing track of time with it. Oopsie. It’s a short post, too XD

Emotions are amazingly contagious. For example, when someone is upset or depressed, it’s often very easy for other people to be dragged down by them. In the same way, when someone is happy (Unless you’re incredibly crabby and resistant 😛 ) it’s easier to have your mood lifted. Negative emotions breed negative emotions, and positive emotions breed positive emotions. Y’know, unless you’re one of those people who get joy out of others misery, but then again, I’d still say that was a sort of negative emotion.

“Cleaning up” your heart is an important thing to do. When things like regret, anger, grudges, and lies stay there, it makes life as a whole a much less enjoyable experience and emotional instability becomes a sort of default mode for you. As a result, you’re going around leaking out bad vibes, and nobody wants to be around that. Not even YOU want to be around that. When you let go of those feelings and come clean about what you’ve done, you feel like a thousand tons have been taken off of you, and your emotions become much better. After that’s all taken care of, it feels like there’s just a ton of positive feelings all layered over this overall sense of contentment.

The point is, at the end of the day, your emotions are always under your control. It’s your choice, though you might be influenced by others to make it one way or the other. You always have the final say, though. I think that it’s a good idea to put your best emotions forward and be happy. There’s always good to be seen in life and things to be happy about, so go ahead and show it 😀 Be the positive influence for others. Be emotionally productive.

Talk to you soon,



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