Yes, this is a Wednesday post.


I’m really not sure what happened. Whoa. I kind of missed two weeks straight there.

From the start of school until just a few days ago, I was considering taking a break from blogging. Like, a long break. Like, the kind of break that involves shutting down a blog completely, and making a brand new one if you decide to come back.

I decided against it in the end, so don’t worry, Roomble isn’t going anywhere. 😉 I realized that even though I miss days (and sometimes weeks D: ) of posting, and even though I may or may not actually post anything supremely useful to anyone (including myself), I enjoy it. I really enjoy reading and replying to comments, and I love looking for the quote every week. The weekly posts give me something to think about (as in, hey, what’ll I post this time around?). Usually that thinking ends with “I have no idea what to write”, but I’m hoping to work on that 😉

I did decide to change some things. Quote of the Week will probably be moving to Wednesday, starting next week, since Tuesdays are now my busiest day of the week, and I’m not sure about the Monday posts. I’m going to try moving them to Friday and see how that works for a little bit. So in other words, Monday/Tuesday posts will turn into Friday/Wednesday posts. We’ll see how things happen after a couple weeks of test running on that schedule. ^^

I’m also planning to post little writing exercises that I’ve done, just for fun. I’ll do fluff like that whenever I hit particularly nasty writers’ block, or if I just want to stretch my imagination out of my story for a moment. They won’t be very long, and I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting them, but I’ll make another page up top with links to all of them, whenever I post one 🙂

I might change up how the blog looks, too…I’m not sure yet. One of these slower days I’ll sit down and fiddle with it, so if you come by one day and it looks all wonky, please forgive me 😛

College is cool. It makes you grow and learn about life, and it’s great.

Talk to you soon,



About Roo

Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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