Happy late Easter!


I realized this morning that I had forgotten to write a post on Friday D:

Anyways, Happy Easter (yesterday)! đŸ˜€

Growing up, it was super easy to hear the Easter story every year and kind of stop paying attention to it. It kind of turned into a thing that I “listened” to, but didn’t hold on to. This year, though, I tried to pay more attention and think about it, and when I did, it started to mean a whole lot more.

When I looked at all the different things in the series of events leading to the resurrection, I started to realize that each one showed some specific aspect of Jesus, with the overarching theme of His unending love for us. The whole thing is the biggest message of love we could ever receive.

It makes everything mean so much more when you realize just how much He went through just for you, and that He would have done everything if it was JUST you. It makes the sacrifice He made extremely personal, and that is more moving than anything else.

He chose us when He didn’t have to, and He loves us when He really shouldn’t.

That is so much to be thankful for.

Talk to you soon,



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